Register for membership

Did you know that becoming a member of your local hospital now has added benefits?

By registering, you automatically qualify for discounts of up to 20% with local shops, trades and businesses across the North Derbyshire area.

More than 10,000 local people are already taking advantage of the bonus that membership brings.

Membership is free and you choose if and when you get involved. You’ll receive news about the hospital, we’ll ask you to vote in annual Council of Governor elections and you’ll get the chance to comment on some of our future plans. But – it’s up to you – membership doesn’t commit you to anything.

This is a great opportunity to benefit from the hospital’s foundation status – and it’s our way of supporting business in North Derbyshire. Your membership is vital for our success.

We look forward to hearing from you.

How to Register

If you are interested, but have not yet registered as a member call free, 24 hours a day on 08000 56 56 27

Enter your details using our on-line form, please click on the link below

Alternatively you can email with your name, full address and contact telephone number.

Public Members

The public membership is absolutely key in ensuring that Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust delivers its objectives.

Members can contribute to the running of the NHS Foundation Trust in the following ways:

  • By ensuring that the NHS Foundation Trust both represents and understands the needs of the local people
  • By electing their representatives to serve on the Council of Governors
  • By standing for election to the Council of Governors
  • Offering their views on plans for future developments and service improvements
  • No limit has been set on the number of members. We would wish to involve as many people as possible.

Important notes:

Members are registered with the NHS Foundation Trust and all details will be held in accordance with the data protection requirements.

Whilst members will be able to influence the developments of the Foundation Trust, membership will not be an entitlement to any preferential access to hospital services.

We wish to encourage as many people from our constituency as possible to become members and also to ensure that the membership fully reflects the diversity of the population in terms of its geography as well as gender, ethnicity, health status and social economic groupings.