This is the page where we will introduce you to your new colleagues who have just joined the Royal's team. We will be updating this page twice a month after they are inducted, you will find names, job titles and departments to make you all aware of who is starting, where and give you the opportunity to make them feel welcome. Scroll down to find out more...

4th March 2019

Victoria Baldan – Volunteer

Richard Barry – Staff Nurse (NQ)

Jacqueline Blakey – Patient Records Clerk

Tracey Brear – Research Nurse

Lee Brooks – Specialist Clinical Engineer

Francesca Brown – Assistant Clinical Psychologist

Natalie Carratt – Staff Nurse (NQ)

Bethany Carter – Volunteer

Andrew Capewell – Records Assistant

Helen Castle – Principal Clinical Psychologist

Hayley Chambers – Paediatric Staff Nurse

Nikkol Chambers – Staff Nurse (NQ)

Tracy Clark – OMFS and Orthodontic Receptionist

Stefan Cristian – Volunteer

Pallavi Dhange – SPR

Jade Evans – Receptionist

Elizabeth Gardham – Staff Nurse (NQ)

Stephanie Glasgow – Staff Nurse (NQ)

David Gwinnell – Staff Nurse (NQ)

Lindsay Hardy – Patient Services Assistant – Catering

Lindsey Knights – Patient Services Assistant – Domestic

Darren Lister – Staff Nurse (NQ)

Emily Peach – Staff Nurse (NQ)

Louise Walker – Bank Sonographers

Nicola Whall – Catering Team Member - Bank

18th February 2019

Jane Aldred – Health Care Assistant

Marie Ashmore – Volunteer

Deborah Bates – Patient Services Assistant

Sasha Bierton –Reception

Alison Brooks – Patient Services Assistant – Domestic

Hayley Burke – Practice Nurse

Lorraine Delgado – Patient Services Assistant – Domestic

Louise Garland – Healthcare Assistant

Sue Glew – Non-Executive Director

Magdalena Gore – Catering Team Member

Mark Leggott – ICT Support Technician

Stephen Miller – Healthcare Assistant

Maria Mulcrone – Healthcare Assistant

Leigh-Anne Naylor – Enteral Feeding Dietician

Chelsea Rodgers – Patient Services Assistant – Domestic

Katrina Rodgers – Patient Services Assistant – Domestic

Alan Stew – Semi-skilled mechanical craftsman

Stephanie Swift - Volunteer

Nid Tattersall – Patient Services Assistant – Catering

Samantha Wells – Receptionist

4th February 2019

Kwabena Afoakwa – Staff Nurse

Francesca Allen – Volunteer

Aime Andrew – Patient Records Assistant

Harriet Bacon – Volunteer

Bethany Carter – Volunteer

Emma Cawthorne – CAMHS Intensive Home Treatment Worker

Vincent Chun Ng – Pre-Reg Pharmacist

Imogen Cooper – Volunteer

John Davison – Volunteer

Leanne Dent – Staff Nurse

Abby Edwards – Volunteer

Adam Emmerson – Volunteer

Caroline Facey – Palliative Care

Lucy Hayes – Volunteer

Georgia Hudson – Clinical Administration Officer

Lily Lovett – Volunteer

Trina Mant – Catering Team Member – Bank

Sarah Marchewka – Chief Cardiac (ECHO) Physiologist

Kelsey Paczesny – Ward Receptionist

Samantha Redfern – Patient Services Assistant

Emma Ross – Patient Services Assistant – Domestic

Jamie Stephenson – Volunteer

Rachel Stimpson – Ward Receptionist

Emma Widdowson – Paediatric Staff Nurse

21st January 2019

Katie Arnold – Healthcare Assistant

Lynne Brockwell-Ogley – Practice Nurse

Janet Brooks – Healthcare Assistant

Kristina Brownlow – Senior Pharmacy technician

Amy Chappell – Healthcare Assistant

Aimee Foster – Occupational Therapist – Orthopaedic in or out patients

Emma Gee – ED Receptionist

Rhoda Gurgul – Bank Sonographers

Kat Lam – Consultant Haematologist

Claire Lowe – CAMHS Community Mental Health Worker

Gemma McLaughlin – Radiography Practitioner – CT

Chloe Mellor – Customer Service Apprentice

Amy Miles – Senior Business Analyst

Lucy Millward – Midwife

Kerry Moorcroft – Patient Services Assistant – Domestic

Rebecca Newbold – Dental Nurse

Harriet Parsons – Healthcare Assistant

Kieran Parsons – Volunteer

Kathryn Pegg – Patient Services Assistant – Domestic

Samantha Redfern – Patient Services Assistant – Domestic

Stuart Robinson – Bank Sonographers

Lisa Roddis – Healthcare Assistant

Lauren Saunders – Healthcare Assistant

Lucy Stephens – Assistant Clinical Psychology

Jade Taylor – Healthcare Assistant

Grace Thacker – Volunteer

Lauren Towers – Maternity Assistant

Sarah Trowman – Receptionist

Theresa Walker – Healthcare Assistant

Thomas Walters – Senior Pharmacy Assistant

Shirley Webster – Patient Services – Domestic

Darcy Willey – Pharmacy Assistant

Sandra Wilmarsh – Senior Clinical Pharmacist

7th January 2019

Fatima Aboobarker – Audiologist

Andrea Barker – Staff Nurse

Bethany Batty – Patient Records Assistant

James Beaman – Assistant Accountant

John Belli – Patient Services Assistant – Catering

Deborah Crump – HR Partner

Selina Cutts – Patient Services Assistant – Catering

Lindsey Dale – Midwife

Laura Day – Pharmacy Assistant

Charlotte de Frece – Clinical Typist

Emily Gledstone – Staff Nurse

Sue Glew – Non-Executive Director

Sarah Hawthorne – Staff Nurse

Catrin Henderson – Staff Nurse

Lee Herring – Lead Advanced Clinical Practitioner

Rita Holland – Occupational Therapy Technical Instructor

Alexandra Macmillan – CAMHS Community Mental Health Worker

Shannen Martin – Pharmacy Assistant

Ellen McCarter – Staff Nurse

Paul Meiris – Staff Nurse/Operating Department Practitioner

Lindsay Morris – Staff Nurse

Sara Parkin – Quality Governance Administration Assistant

Nancy Poulton – Supportive Care Nurse Practitioner

Marie Ryalls – Staff Nurse

Ashiyabanu Shaikh – Chief Cardiac (ECHO) Physiologist

Nicola Terry – Junior Ophthalmic Photographer

Michelle Tingay – Pharmacy Assistant

Joan Williams – Patient Services Assistant

Joseph Winchester – Security Operative

Sophie Woodward – Apprentice Patient & Admin Support Assistant

3rd December 2018

Marissa Andrew - Business Admin Apprentice
Rhys Aubignac - Healthcare Assistant
Joanne Bradley - Bank Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Fiona Bradley - Healthcare Assistant
Caroline Brookes - Healthcare Assistant
Lynne Burton - Staff Nurse/Operating Department Practitioner
Katie Callaghan - Healthcare Assistant
Amy Chappell - Healthcare Assistant
Donna Cox - Administrator/Receptionist
Amanda Daniel - Supportive Care Nurse Practitioner
Anna Elliott - Haematology Associate Specialist
Jamie Gilliver - Healthcare Assistant
Stephanie Goodwin - Healthcare Assistant
Rebecca Hanson - Staff Nurse/Operating Department Practitioner
Sara Hinch - Safeguarding Advisor
Karen Johnson - Communications Advisor (Internal Communications Specialist)
Bethany Kirby - Adminstrator/Receptionist
Shaun Marsh - Head of Health and Safety
Jamie Moxon - Security Team Leader
Kayleigh Naughton - Patient Services Assistant - Domestic
Lewis Oldfield - Healthcare Assistant
Sarah Osborne - Decontamination Units Assistant
Thomas Reid - Decontamination Units Assistant
Taylor Simpson - Administrator/Receptionist
Tracy Spencer - Healthcare Assistant
Emma Wardale - Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Frailty
Bethany Wardle-Millar - Administrator/Receptionist
Caroline Hallowes - Diabetes Support Worker

19th November 2018

Kirsty Bagshaw - Medical Workforce Officer
Claire Bidwell - Night Switchboard Operator
Sophie Bower - Patient services Assistant: Catering
Stephanie Bryan - Operating Department Orderly
Imran Butt - General Practioner
Lianne Chambers - Records Assistant
Anita Coan - Specialty Doctor
Hannah Cooke - Healthcare Assistant
Georgia Douglas - Patient records Assistant
Stephen Longdon - Volunteer
Dr Meeral Makwana - Specialty Doctor
Peter Morton - Volunteer
Tracy O'Neill - Switchboard Operator
David Redfern - Bank Linen Team Member
Patrick Scully - Volunteer
Olivia Taylor - Senior Occupational Therapist (Stroke)
Kerry Topham - Healthcare Assistant
Lois Ward - Business Administration Apprentice
Eleanor Ward - Volunteer
Jean Williams - Bank Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Jennifer Wilson - Senior Physiotherapist Surgery and Amputees

5th November 2018

Mohammad Abd Rajak - General Practitioner
Thomas Armstrong - Volunteer
Dawn Barker - Staff Nurse
Roger Barrett - Bank Patient Escort
Ruth Barrett-Naylor - Clinical Psychologist, Youth Offending Service
Claire Bidwell - Night Switchboard Operator
Samantha Birds - Clinical Administrative Officer
Megan Blake - Staff Nurse/Operating Department Practitioner
Julie Botchett - Bank Records Assistant
Imogen Brocklehurst - Paediatric Staff Nurse
Jennifer Carter - Volunteer
Elizabeth Ellis - Volunteer
Emma Finegan - Volunteer
Charles Frakes - ICT Systems Trainer
Emmie Hall - Business Admin Apprentice
Danielle Hannan - Diabetes Nurse Practitioner
Mary Haw - Bank Typist
Carol Irons - Catering Team Member
Corrina Johnson - Catering Team Member, Bank
Kaltun Mahamud - Radiography Practitioner
Susan Millan - Patient Services Assistant, Catering
Matthew Moon - Staff Nurse
Elizabeth Mullins - Volunteer
Mollie Palfreyman - Volunteer
Sophie Palmer - Volunteer
William Peck - Patient Services Assistant, Catering
Alicia Raybould - Volunteer
Jemma Richmond - CAMHS Community Mental Health Worker
Georgia Roberts - Volunteer
Katie Saker - Staff Nurse
Elizabeth Saltmarsh - General Practitioner
Margaret Smith - Staff Nurse
Natcha Trakunkanha - Patient services Assistant, Domestic
Simon Tyler - Bank Porter
Allison Wain - Bank Clinical Typist, Imaging Department
Paul Willers - Bank Porter
Helene Willers - Catering Team Member, Bank
Pauline Yates - Volunteer
Jayne Moore - Deputy Head of Procurement
Jayne Stringfellow - Non-Executive Director
Ian Bickle - Radiologist
Amelia Page - NHS Graduate Trainee
Shauib Rajak - General Practitioner

15th October 2018

Lauren Allen - Patient services Assistant
Heather Bailey - Medical Workforce Officer
Roger Barrett - Bank Patient Escort
Kerry Bennett - Healthcare Assistant
Louise Bennett - Healthcare Assistant
Pauline Billyeald - Records Assistant
Jade Boswell - Children's Occupational Therapist
Katie Brown - Patient Records Assistant
Danielle Burns - Healthcare Assistant
Abbie Callaway - Apprentice Patient and Admin Support Assistant
Jennifer Carter - Volunteer
Amy Charlesworth - Patient Records Assistant
Ryan Clark - Patient Records Assistant
Mary Corry - Clinical Typist
James Ford - Physiotherapy Assistant
Angela Gow - Healthcare Assistant
Joshua Hawley - Ultrasound Student
Vicky Hill - Maternity Assistant
Luke Jenkinson - Listening into Action Facilitator
Charlotte Lamb - Theatre Reception Support Worker
Georgina Lawrence - Theatre Support Worker
Alexandra Leedham - Clinical Psychologist
Elizabeth Li - Senior Radiography Practitioner: MRI
Nicole Martin - Bank Sonographer
Nina Morgan - Records Assistant
Musonda Mutale - Staff Nurse
Kelly O'Brien - Receptionist
Dellan Oke - Volunteer
Daniel Rhodes - Administration Assistant IP&C/TB Service
Helen Russell - Senior Clinical Pharmacist - Advanced Practice
Eke Schuijtvlot-Roos - Bank Typist
Rachel Smedley - Research Midwife
Elizabeth Stephens - CAMHS Specialist Community Advisor
Haimaira Tariq - Ultrasound Student
Tina Thompson - Allied Health Professional Practice Learning Lead
Harriet Tilley - Speech and Language Therapist
Russell Towndrow - Bank Messenger/Postal Service Team Member
Isaac Tuckey - Volunteer
Katie Webb - Advanced Nurse Practitioner
Gemma Wilson - Maternity Assistant
Pauline Yates - Volunteer
Iona Beswick - Volunteer