Board of Directors Papers and Minutes

We upload papers for our Board meeting before the date each meeting is scheduled to take place. Our next board meeting will be held on: Wednesday 11 May 2022, 11am, at Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

The Trust holds some of its Board of Director meetings in public and has always welcomed observers.  Right now though, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic means we’ve had to put different arrangements in place to enable people to participate in a ‘virtual way’.  Our Board meetings are being held remotely, streamed live and recorded.

You can watch and listen to proceedings here: Board of Directors 11th May 2022  If you wish to join the live stream you will need to download the MS Teams app.

The recording of the Board of Directors meeting held on 11 March 2022, which was live-streamed can be found HERE


If you would like to attend...

Currently due to the Coronavirus Situation our Board Meetings are being held virutally and live streamed, if you wish to watch please use the link in the information above.

Previous meetings...

Agendas and packs are listed and archived below. If you need help sourcing information contact the Chief Executive’s Office on 01246 513161 or 01246 516449.

Board of Directors minutes

Please click on the links to access minutes from Board of Director meetings. Minutes are listed in financial years (April to March).

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