The audit and risk committee is established as a committee of the Board of Directors (the Board) to support the Board in discharging its responsibilities by providing objective assurance that effective arrangements are in place across the Trust and its subsidiaries (the Group) for governance and internal control.


The Audit and Risk Committee provides the Board with a means of independent and objective review of financial and corporate governance, assurance processes and risk management across the whole of the Trust’s activities (clinical and non-clinical) both generally and in support of the annual governance statement. In addition the Committee:

  • Champions and promotes highly effective risk management and ensures that the risk management process and culture are embedded throughout the Trust;
  • Improves the standard of decision making on risk management throughout the Trust;
  • Maximises patient safety through effective and integrated control systems;
  • Ensures that appropriate standards are set and compliance with them is monitored, in non-financial, non-clinical areas that fall within the remit of the Committee;
  • Monitors corporate governance (e.g. compliance with terms of authorisation, constitution, codes of conduct, standing orders, standing financial instructions, maintenance of register of interests);
  • Provides assurance of independence for external and internal audit.



The following Non-executive Directors form the membership of the audit and risk committee:

  • Mr Mike Killick (Chair);
  • Ms Beverley Webster;
  • Mrs Alison McKinna;
  • Mr Keith Nurcombe