The key purpose of all assurance committees is to assure, and where necessary, advise and alert; supporting the Board in its delivery of Trust’s strategic objectives. As appropriate the committee will also consider its work within the context of system working receiving assurance and updates on collaborative working as necessary.

How the Finance and Performance Committee does this


To support the Board of Directors’ by obtaining objective assurance that the systems for financial and performance management are robust and effective; that financial and performance metrics and priorities are built from reliable sources of information and agreed though stakeholder engagement; the risks to delivery of targets and standards are being managed and that action taken will result in the intended outcomes.  The Committee seeks assurance where necessary from within the areas identified below:

  • Finance and use of resources
  • For capital and business cases
  • Strategic change
  • Operational performance


To alert the Board and inform the Audit and Risk Committee where assurance cannot be given or further work or consideration at Board level is recommended.


To advise the Board on matters within the Committee’s terms of reference and where requested by the Board or a Board member.


The following Non-executive Directors are members of this committee:

  • Mrs Alison McKinna (Chair);
  • Mr Mike Killick;
  • Mrs Jayne Stringfellow;
  • Mr Keith Nurcombe