Become a ‘Change Champion’

Become a Listening into Action (LiA) Change Champion!

We’re looking for people just like you to champion change through our #LiAMovement.

It doesn’t matter where you work or what job you do. Everyone is equal when it comes to Listening into Action – so each and every one of us has the power to improve the care we give, the services we provide and the place we work.

If you’re keen to take what frustrates you and your colleagues, change what gets in the way of you doing a good job - and will lead and solve the problem for yourself (with our backing and support) we want to hear from you!

Our LiA Change Champions will spread the word and help show others that staff really are empowered to make the difference!

We’ll keep you up to speed with all the latest LiA news so you can share the stories staff are creating and bringing to life! If we can harness your enthusiasm – you’ll make it infectious!

Get on board and get involved in our LiA journey. Sign up to find out more about what being a LiA Change Champion involves!

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