Frustration Fix

Calling ALL staff!

You have the power to improve the care we give, the services we provide and the place we work in. Tell us what would make a difference!

We’re shaking things up around here - but we need you to be part of it, to make it work for you, our patients and our hospital.

Use the form on this page to tell us what gets in your way at work, what stops you from ‘getting on with the job’ and what’s a source of frustration. And then just as importantly....

Tell us your ideas for how you’d solve it, what changes you’d make and how it would improve our care, our services or our hospital! Explain how you and your colleagues would make a change and make a difference!

Submit your idea and then be prepared to champion a change and make it happen!

Click submit to send in your thoughts.  We'll be in touch to find out more about how you and your colleagues would like to work to make this change happen! Alternatively, there is a box in the main entrance where you can post your completed LiA forms. 

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