You can do it!

We’re your sponsor group for Listening into Action and we’ve come together to create an #LiAMovement where you’re leading the way!

We all believe that ‘shaking things up’ and working in partnership with our staff is the best way to improve the care we give to our patients, the services we provide and the workplace we offer. We want all staff in our hospital to feel valued, involved and listened to – so that everyone has an opportunity to get involved in making a difference!

You have our backing to take frustrations that get in the way at work and resolve them. You know our hospital, how it works and what changes would improve it. We pledge to listen, help and support and ‘unblock the way’. We also promise to be straight with you – and if there’s a reason we can’t make the change you’re suggesting, we’ll tell you why.

We meet every week – linking with our LiA Teams, addressing issues and concerns and helping staff like you to turn ‘I can’t change that’ into ‘I can’! It’s our mission to make sure staff are empowered – so if you want to change something that’s stopping you from doing a great job – but you know what would make it better – speak out! We want to hear from you!


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