Quick Wins are led by you and by leaders in the hospital – acting on the comments, suggestions and ideas brought forward through our LiA Pulse Check and LiA CrowdFixing conversations.

Through the Chief Executive, our LiA lead and leaders throughout the hospital staff have permission to make exciting and courageous changes in their own areas. If everyone makes just one change just think how many improvements we’d see for patients, services and in the place we work!

The Quick Wins on these pages are examples of staff championing a change and being brave enough to make it happen!

You can also make a difference – take the step! Be inspired by others through the #LiAMovement!

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PDF file icon QuickWinPatientApologyPack.pdf QuickWinPatientApologyPack.pdf 21/11/18 936.97 KB
PDF file icon QuickWinVacancyReviewProcess.pdf QuickWinVacancyReviewProcess.pdf 21/11/18 965.79 KB