Together As One
The year 2020 is certainly one that all of us will never forget.  Coronavirus (COVID-19) has affected us in many different ways and we’ve all experienced a variety of emotions throughout this unprecedented period of time.  

So, although COVID-19 remains one of our greatest challenges, we felt it was the right time to recognise the changes the last nine months have brought about.  We’ve shared our thoughts and experiences and used them positively – to help to create ‘Together as One’ - our new draft five-year strategy.

And now we want to find out what you think of it.  

Bringing everyone together
Our strategy is simple and you’ll find everything on one page.  It describes how we will bring our people, patients, communities and partners together as one group – working and interacting to make our Trust the best it can be.

We don’t think we can achieve what we want to without the support of good people working here, without our communities getting involved and having their say – and without working proactively with the wide range of partners who also provide services and facilities to patients and staff.

Our role in our community
As well as improving the lives of patients we come directly into contact with, we also want our strategy to fulfil our wider role in our community - to promote inclusion, raise the aspirations of young people, to be a good employer and to contribute to the local economy.  We’ve considered learning from Covid-19, NHS national policy, the health and social care system we are committed to and the aims of the Long Term Plan for the NHS.  

We’ve kept our Together as One draft purposely straight-forward, to help everyone to understand the challenges we want to set for ourselves.  

Your views matter
You can view our draft strategy by clicking on the 'One Page Strategy 2020' link in the list below.

And we hope you’ll then share your views on the content by answering a few questions here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/TogetherAsOneCRH

We want to give as many people as we can an opportunity to have a say in the final version and your views really do matter.

Thank you

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