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NHS Constitution

The Royal backs NHS Constitution

The Chesterfield Royal Hospital has re-affirmed its commitment to patients and staff as part of the revised NHS Constitution.

The document, the first of its kind in the world, was reviewed and updated in July 2015 and continues to bring the rights of patients and the public together in one place, telling them how to exercise those rights responsibly as a patient.

These rights include access to your own health care records, information to make informed choices, to receive recommended vaccines, NICE recommended drugs or to be told why a drug or treatment is refused.

It also sets out NHS expectations of how people can contribute to its effective working such as ensuring they register with a GP and turn up for appointments.

Some changes have been made in response gto recommendations from Sir Francis QC. These changes include giving more prominance to mental health, the importance of access to transparant and comparable data and the new Fundamental Standards that were introduced in April 2015. 

Gavin Boyle is Chief Executive at the Royal, he said: "It's an historic paper and will go a long way to ensuring the future of the NHS by reaffirming our values, commitments and ethos for the 21st century.

"Thousands of staff and patients have been involved in the consultation process, the NHS East Midlands website alone had 260,000 hits during that period, and we're proud to have played our part."

For NHS staff, the Constitution will mean a commitment to equipping them with the tools they need to continue delivering high quality care for patients, also setting out provisions for training and support.

Mr Boyle added: "We know from recent surveys into our Maternity and A&E units that key elements such as compassion, treating people with dignity and respect and getting the basics right are already being achieved at this trust. We're delighted to be able to re-affirm this through the Constitution.

"The over-riding factor of this document is that both the original document and amendments have been drawn up with massive public involvement. It will continue to be renewed and evolve using the same consultation process putting the NHS firmly in the hands of those who use it.

"As a foundation trust, public consultations form an important part of the way decisions are made. This is a momentous occasion and affords the NHS the flexibility to move with the times."

The NHS Constitution can be viewed in a number of versions, including the full paper, summary, easy read and public health supplement by clicking on this section of the Department of Health's website.

You can also download the 16 page document directly by clicking on the link below.