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Creating a wholly-owned subsidiary

On Wednesday, July 25 2018 the Board of Directors concluded that an independent company, 100% owned by the Trust, will help to safeguard valuable and essential services, protect jobs for hundreds of staff – in turn enabling the Trust to focus on sustaining a full range of core clinical services for the 400,000 North Derbyshire people it serves.  You can read the decision here.

The ‘yes’ to a wholly-owned subsidiary was made after Board members considered a business case based on driving quality improvements, transforming services and financial benefits and savings; as the Trust looks to resolve an £8million financial challenge, in a Derbyshire health system that has a combined deficit of £80million. The document highlighted other potential alternatives, including outsourcing and reducing staffing numbers, neither of which the Board determined would offer security within the 'Chesterfield Royal family'.  It means that the Trust will now consult with around 700 staff on the protected terms of their transfer into the wholly-owned subsidiary, which will be called Derbyshire Support & Facilities Services (DSFS). 

Under the legal agreement of TUPE all these staff will have the right to transfer to DSFS and keep all their existing terms and conditions, employment rights and liabilities. The protection to their: NHS Pension; Pay (including enhancements, overtime, and on-call allowances); Sick Pay; and Annual Leave applies to staff while ever they work for the subsidiary - which will have an initial contract with the Trust for 25 years.

We've had lots of questions asking what creating this company means - for staff transferring into it; for staff who join it in future; and for the rest of the Trust and its clinical services. We’ve pulled this one-page information sheet together to provide answers to these points in an format that's easier to read, although all the information is taken from the business case.  

Download the document here:

We promised to keep you up-to-date and in preparation for the proposed start date of December 1 this year, the company (named Derbyshire Support and Facilities Services) has now been registered at Companies House.  You can view the on-line information here: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11494436