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Wholly-Owned Subsidiary

The Trust is exploring the idea of a setting up a subsidiary company for support services like finance, IT, procurement, estates and facilities.  Wholly-owned by Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust it would have the principles and values of the NHS at its heart, coupled with the opportunities a commercial business could offer.  We’re talking to staff now to make sure they’re involved in the development of the business case that will support the proposals, so they have an input into the content. 

Since April we’ve met with around 700 staff that this proposal could affect.  Our aim is to give people the opportunity to find out more about subsidiaries and what they mean, contribute their thoughts and views and influence the business case development, which the Board of Directors will consider in the summer.

At this point we’re keeping staff, governors, patients and the public, MPs, the media and others engaged in the process.  This includes giving you access to all the materials we’ve produced so far – such as FOI responses, letters to MP and Q&A sheets.  It’s really important we give you as much information as we can and that you know your opinion will contribute to the final business case - regardless of whether you support the idea (or not).

You can also keep up to date through the pay-slip bulletin, team brief and social media and you can e-mail your opinions and any additional questions to crhft.hsdfeedback@nhs.net

What is a wholly-owned subsidiary?
Information about wholly-owned subsidiaries in the NHS

Exploring a wholly-owned subsidiary at Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
News, information and updates about what’s happening at the Trust

Questions and Answers 
Materials that respond to key concerns and questions raised through staff engagement

Staff Engagement 
Diary dates - opportunities to hear more about the proposals

Letters, Freedom of Information and General Feedback
Our responses to questions raised by other interested parties, such as councillors and MPs