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This area of the website is for our GPs and practice managers.

Use the links at the bottom of this page to access news, check referral criteria or to download and print off direct access referral forms. You can browse the trust’s formulary and find out what special interests our consultants have.

We will use the ‘urgent postings’ link to let you know about any problems with services, ward closures, infection outbreaks etc.

We would welcome your feedback on these pages in terms of what you would like to see and how can we use the site to ensure that working with us is effective and efficient?


Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
 file icon Guidance for Services During Covid V11.xlsm Guidance_for_Services_During_Covid__V11.xlsm 04/02/21 2,184.16 KB
PDF file icon MED325 SYICS Clinical Indicators for Transthoracic Echo - Feb 2019.pdf MED325_SYICS_Clinical_Indicators_for_Transthoracic_Echo_-_Feb_2019.pdf 22/05/20 494.75 KB


For the latest updates, please visit the CAMHS website

Paediatrics Referral Guidance

These guidelines have been developed by Paediatric Health Professionals within Derbyshire, to give advice on appropriateness of referrals, pre-referral requirements and alternative pathways for the most common paediatric conditions. They are of relevance when considering referrals to both general and community paediatrician services.


Please use the guidelines below are a general guide as to what is felt appropriate for referral to specialist paediatric services. 

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PDF file icon CDC referral guidance June 2023 CDC_referral_guidance_-_updated_June_2023_.pdf 09/12/21 152.41 KB
DOCX file icon FORM 1_ JUCD Neurodevelopmental Single Point of Access Multi_ Agency Referral Form Final V4_.docx FORM_1__JUCD_Neurodevelopmental_Single_Point_of_Access_Multi__Agency__Referral_Form_Final_V4_.docx 24/08/23 390.16 KB
DOCX file icon FORM 2_ JUCD Neurodevelopmental Pathway Pre_school Questionnaire Final V3.docx FORM_2__JUCD_Neurodevelopmental_Pathway_Pre_school_Questionnaire_Final_V3.docx 24/08/23 381.57 KB
DOCX file icon FORM 3_JUCD Neurodevelopmental Pathway Child Young Persons School Questionnaire.docx FORM_3_JUCD_Neurodevelopmental_Pathway_Child_Young_Persons_School_Questionnaire.docx 24/08/23 397.90 KB
DOCX file icon FORM 4 _ JUCD Neurodevelopmental Pathway Parent_Carer Questionnaire Final V4.docx FORM_4___JUCD_Neurodevelopmental_Pathway_Parent_Carer_Questionnaire__Final_V4.docx 24/08/23 402.08 KB
 file icon Latest Paediactric GP referral document.xlsm Latest_Paediactric_GP_referral_document.xlsm 23/06/20 539.61 KB

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