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We’re holding our Annual Members’ Meeting (AMM) virtually this year, and you are invited to watch it take place.

It’s a chance for you to find out how we’ve coped as a hospital throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, what else has been happening during the last financial year and you can to submit a question that will be answered during the session.

John Thorpe is the Royal’s Foundation Trust Secretary, he said: “Like many things, to reduce the risk of transmission and ensure we comply with government guidelines, we’ve had to think outside the box to make sure that this very public meeting can take place safely. By holding this meeting online, we can ensure that you still have the chance to find out more about the Trust’s activities, ask any questions you might have for our Board of Directors and learn about how we’re restoring services and what we’ve done to keep you safe if you do need to come into hospital. It’s also our opportunity to formally present the Trust’s Annual Report and Accounts to you.”

There will be presentations and comment from Chief Executive Angie Smithson, Chair Helen Phillips. The evening will also include several videos highlighting our restoration and recovery plans as well as an update on our exciting new £24 million Urgent and Emergency Care Department.

John added: “Bringing the AMM online allows us to retain that element of it being interactive so you will be able to ask questions before and during the event which has always been a very dynamic and informative part of the evening. You can register your interest now if you want to join us, we will send you a link closer to the evening and we look forward to ‘seeing’ you there.”

Annual Members' Meeting

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