Public Members

Public membership is a key way in which being an NHS Foundation Trust makes a difference and helps ensure the Trust both represetns and understands the needs of the local people.

Membership is free and open to anyone over 16.  By being a member you choose if and when you get involved.   


By being a member you can:

  • Learn about and show your support for the hospital and its continued development.
  • Build your understanding of the health care system and how it's changing, to help you make informed decisions about care for you and your family.
  • Use your knowledge to help improve the health of your community by sharing information about health and services at the hospital such as: by sharing and liking the hospitals Facebook posts and Tweets, talking to your friends and neighbours.
  • Help the hospital to continue to improve by sharing your experience and giving your views.


Membership can also be the first step to getting further involved if you wish.  Perhaps by becoming a volunteer, developing your understanding if you're considering a career in health care or taking part in the governance of the hospital by standing at, or voting in elections for Governors who play a pivotal role in the hospital.

But - it's up to you - membership doesn't commit you to anything.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Register for membership

Join the more than 14,000 people who are Trust members!

How to Register

If you are interested, but have not yet registered as a member call the Membership Office on 01246 513217.

Enter your details using our on-line form, please click on the link below

Alternatively you can email with your name, full address and contact telephone number.

Important notes:

Members are registered with the NHS Foundation Trust and all details will be held in accordance with the data protection requirements.

Whilst members have the ability to influence the developments of the Foundation Trust, membership doesn't give entitlement to any preferential access to hospital services.

We encourage as many people from our constituency as possible to become members to fully reflect the diversity of our community in terms of its geography as well as gender, ethnicity, health status and social economic groupings.