Would you like to become a governor?

Can anyone stand for election as a governor?

You must be a community member or staff member of the NHS Foundation Trust if you want to stand as a governor in the
elections. There are some exclusions. In line with Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust's
constitution and governance arrangements, community members cannot stand for election to the Council of
Governor's if they:

  • are an undischarged bankrupt.
  • have been convicted of an offence and sentenced to a term of not less than three months' imprisonment (including suspended sentences).
  • are on the Sex Offenders Register.
  • have been dismissed by the NHS Foundation Trust (or the predecessor NHS Trust), or by any othe organisation on grounds other than redundancy, within the previous ten years
  • have been identified (in accordance with the Trust's procedures for dealing with such matters) as being violent or persistently abusive towards its staff
  • are currently pursuing legal action against the NHS Foundation trust (or the predecessor NHS Trust) have been identified as a vexatious complainant of the NHS Foundation Trust (or the predecessor NHS Trust)
  • are currently on suspension from the Trust (only applies to staff members).

How long could I serve as a governor of Chesterfield Royal Hospital?

Governors stand for a three-year term and can be re-appointed twice more - allowing for a maximum nine-year
appointment in total.  A three-year term means it will be possible for these governors to develop detailed
knowledge of the Trust and to specialise in areas of their choice. 

How do I stand in the elections?

To stand for election to the Council of Governors, you will need to complete a nomination form during the election period and make a declaration that you are eligible to stand. Click here for more information