Introducing Your Public Governors

Introducing your governors

Local people working for their communities

Public governors, elected by local people to work with Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, are working on your behalf to improve health services for the future.

They represent your interests. You can help them carry out their role effectively by giving them your views. Tell them how you think services could be improved. Pass on the ideas and suggestions you think would enhance patient care. Let them know what you want your local hospital to offer.

What your governors do...

The role of you public governors includes:

  • Representing the interests and views of local people in North Derbyshire
  • Giving you information about the hospital, its visions and its performance.
  • Selecting and appointing non-executive directors and the chairman of the corporation.
  • Appraising the performance of the chairman
  • Approving the appointment of a chief executive.
  • Attending meetings of the Council of Governors and other committees.
  • Monitoring performance against the Trust's Service Development Strategy and other targets
  • Advising and working in partnership with the hospital's Board of Directors

What your governors can't do...

Your governors are not there to deal with any personal complaints or issues you have about the hospital, or your care and treatment. These must still be dealt with through the official complaints procedure. You should contact the Assistance and Complaints Service direct on 01246 512640.

Who represents me?

Graham Paling Graham Paling 2021.jpg
Martin Rose Martin Rose.jpg
Glenis Bartle Glenis Bartle.jpg




Frank Benison Frank Benison.jpg
Ruth Ludford Ruth_Ludford_Jan_2016_sma.JPG
David Lyon David_Lyon_2014.jpg
Vacant Seat  

Margaret Rotchell

(Lead Governor)

Margaret Rotchell 2015.jpg
Norman Shaw Norman Shaw.jpg
Ann Margett Ann Margett.jpg


Michael Grundman Michael_Grundman_2014.jpg
John Rigarlsford John-Rigarlsford.jpg


Vacancy - elections to be held in Spring  


Mark Coppel Mark Coppel.jpg
Pervaiz Iqbal Dr Iqbal - 2021.jpg
Derek Millington Derek_Millington.jpg
Judith Reece Judith_Reece_Jan_2016_sma.JPG


Kenneth Stonebank Kenneth Stonebank.jpg


How do I contact my governor(s)?

You can write to them:

The Governors c/o Communications Department 
Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
S44 5BL


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