Introducing Your Staff Governors

Staff Governors

Introducing your governors - the staff working on your behalf.

The staff governors you elected are working with Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust on behalf of all staff.

They represent staff interests. You can help them carry out their role effectively by giving them your views. Tell them how you think services could be improved. Pass on the ideas and suggestions you feel would enhance patient care or the working lives of staff. Let them know what you think your hospital should offer.

What staff governors do?

The role of the staff governors includes:

  • Representing the interests and views of all staff throughout the organisation
  • Giving you information about the hospital, its vision and its performance
  • Selecting and appointing non-executive directors and the chairman of the corporation
  • Approving the appointment of the chief executive
  • Attending meetings of the Council of Governors
  • Monitoring performance against the Trust’s Service Development Strategy and other targets
  • Using their influence through the Council of Governors to advise the hospital’s Board of Directors
  • Approving the remuneration of the chairman and non-executive directors

What they can’t do...

  • Your staff governors are not there to deal with any personal issues you may be involved with, for example, disciplinary
    procedures or changes to your contract. They are not in a position to take on situations normally dealt with through personnel, staff-side organisations or trade unions.

Who are my governors?

There are five staff governors, representing separate ‘classes’ of the staff constituencies in the Trust:

Luke Jenkinson - Allied health professionals, pharmacists & scientists class


Statement to follow:Luke Jenkinson.jpg

Eddie Lewis - All other staff class

Biography to follow

Claire Whitbread - Nursing and midwifery class

Biography to follow

Tom Burton - Medical and dental class

Biography to follow

Dr Ruth Bentley - Community and Primary Care

Ruth_Bentley.jpgShe has worked at the trust in different capacities since 2009 after having completed her GP training and medical student placements here. Having worked as a school doctor and a medical advisor for fostering and adoption with the looked after children team, Ruth continues elements of that work alongside her role as a Named GP for Safeguarding Children covering various areas of the County and her GP role at RPC.

Ruth believes that even if you don’t work on site, you should still have a voice and been kept abreast of developments.  It is also important for the trust to remember that staff work off site and may not be able to access support or some elements of staff wellbeing as they are not on site.  They may also have site specific issues. 

Please do contact her if there are issues to discuss that she can help with.


How do I contact them?

You can write to your staff governor:

The Governors c/o Communications Department 
Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
S44 5BL


Make sure you state which governor you wish to receive your information (the governor that represents the class of the staff constituency you work in).

Could I become a staff governor?

Yes. Staff governors have a three-year term and all staff members receive an election nomination pack when a seat falls vacant in their class of the staff constiuency. 

You must be a staff member of the foundation trust to qualify for nomination. If you have previously opted out of membership, but would like to re-register contact Chief Executive Office on ext 3217. 

Click here for Current Staff Elections

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