The results are in....

Voting closed on Tuesday 17 December and results published on Wednesday 18 December for the contested seats across Chesterfield, North East Derbyshire and Allied Health Professionals, Pharmacists and Scientists (staff), joining the uncontested seats for Bolsover, Derbyshire Dales & North Amber Valley and South Sheffield & Rotherham.

The following governors will take up their seats on the Council from 1 January 2020:

  • Glenis Bartle - Bolsover
  • Michael Grundman - Derbyshire Dales and North Amber Valley (re-appointed for a third term)
  • John Rigarlsford - Derbyshire Dales and North Amber Valley (re-appointed for a second term)
  • Kenneth Stonebank - South Sheffield and Rotherham
  • David Lyon - Chesterfield (re-appointed for a third term)
  • Margaret Rotchell - Chesterfield (re-appointed for a third term)
  • Mick Portman - Chesterfield (re-appointed for a second term)
  • Mark Coppel - North East Derbyshire
  • Luke Jenkinson - Staff Allied Health Professionals, Pharmacists and Scientists


Full election results can be found on the contested and uncontested voting reports below. 

Elections for the remaining vacant seats for the High Peak, All Other Staff and Medical and Dental Staff will begin in Spring 2020.  All eligible members will receieve notification of the launch of the elections.

You can contact any of our governors who represent you by calling 01246 513217 or email 

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