Governor Elections 2020/21 - Results

We are very pleased to announce that the voting process for our 2020 Governor Elections has ended and the results are in.

Our membership and colleagues have been voting since the invitation was sent out in late November and we would like to thank everyone who has cast their votes and for all of our candidates in the Staff and Public Governor Elections.

It means that we have two brand new Public Governors who will take up their seats on the Council of Governors on 1st January 2021 and two new Staff Governors.

Graham Paling has been elected to represent Bolsover whilst Pervaiz Iqbal, who used to work at the Trust, will join him as the elected representative for North East Derbyshire.

We also welcome two new Staff Governors with Eddie Lewis elected to represent 'All Other Staff', whilst Claire Whitbread has been elected to the Nunrsing and Midwifery Class.  Tom Burton was elected uncontested for the Medical and Dental Class.

The Report of Voting can be found below, for information.


You can contact any of our governors who represent you by calling 01246 513217 or email 

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