The voting process for our 2021 Governor Elections has taken place and we are able to reveal the results.

Invitations to vote were sent to our membership and colleagues in late October and we would like to thank everyone who took part and cast their votes for their staff or public governor representatives.

Eight sets were contested and we now have four brand new Public Governors who will take up their seats on the Council of Governors on Saturday, 1 January 2021 alongside one new Staff Governor.

Ruth Ludford, Frank Benison and Norman Shaw all retained their seats in Chesterfield where we welcome Carol Warren and John Kay as new Public Governors.

Judith Reece has kept her seat for North East Derbyshire, joined by the newly elected Nick Wood. Meanwhile Paul Harford has been elected to the seat at Bolsover and Jonathan Davies will represent the High Peak where the seat was uncontested.

We also have a new Staff Governor with Dr Laurence O’Connor-Read representing his colleagues within Royal Primary Care and the Community, taking an uncontested seat. Fellow GP Ruth Bentley chose not to run, stepping aside after completing her three years as Staff Governor. 

Representing Communities

Nicola Smith is the Trust’s Governor and Membership Officer, she said: “It’s been a difficult year for our Governors who have had to adapt to different ways of engaging with the Trust due to the Covid restrictions. They have been superb in representing their communities and staff groups virtually, working tirelessly to contribute and ensure standards across the Trust are maintained.

“The New Year is always an exciting time to welcome new Governors to the Council and introduce them to our current Public, Staff and Partner Governors. We have a full induction programme where they will meet key members of staff who will introduce themselves and give them an overview of how the hospital works and the role they will play in representing their constituencies.

“All of our Governors perform a vital role in holding the Non-Executives to account on behalf of our membership and it’s always exciting to see how our new Governors will bring a fresh perspective and different ideas to the table. I’m sure they will carry out the role brilliantly with the support of our more experienced governors. 

Thank You

“I’d also like to thank Ruth for her fantastic work and service representing the Primary Care and Community staff group. She has been a fantastic spokesperson and advocate for her colleagues during a challenging three years. I’d also like to thank Martin Rose who again has carried out some excellent work in representing communities in Bolsover. Their input has been invaluable to the work of the Council of Governors and we wish them well for the future.

“I’m sure we will hear more from our new Governors once they take their seats in the New Year and everyone at the Royal is looking forward to welcoming and working with them.”

You can find out more about the elections by clicking here.