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This is a message from Lead Governor and Public Governor for Bolsover, Denise Weremczuk, on behalf of the Council of Governors.

“I’m sure you will all agree that these are very strange times we live in. Very few of us will have experienced anything like this where everything that we would consider normal in our lives, from shopping and going to work to visiting loved ones and even going for a walk, has now changed.

“Like the rest of you we have been watching with pride and admiration as our loyal and dedicated NHS colleagues across the country and, for us in particular, those at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital continue to deliver the best possible care in what must surely be the most testing of circumstances. We’ve all applauded on a Thursday evening at 8pm which is the very least we can do to show our appreciation for each and every one of them.

“We have doctors, nurses and their clinical teams treating our patients on the front line, support services continuing to provide diagnostics and tests around the clock and our porters and domestics teams transporting patients and vital equipment across the hospital whilst keeping it clean which is a mammoth and vital task. Our Pharmacists are ensuring we get the right treatment to the right people at the right time with our Microbiologists doing an asoutnding job in turning tests around quickly to help. We’ve got our procurement team obtaining all of that vital equipment and keeping the hospital stocked with the right supplies as our distribution team makes sure the right people have them and IT who have provided hundreds of our admin and office-based teams with the means to work from home where they can which, as we all know from the government messages, is helping to reduce the risk of transmission. Every single team has a vital function, working together to keep services running.

“We’ve also been paying attention to some of the social media posts that have seen messages of support and donations for all of those working across hospital. To see the difference that those messages are making, the boost that these tremendous acts of kindness are making to those working at the hospital is truly heartening. It shows the togetherness that we all feel, that we’re pulling together as a community not just in a practical way but also to support those who need it. 

“We all need an arm put around us from time to time, never more so than right now, and those messages of support and donations are doing just that.

“We’re all playing our part and for you, our membership, we want to reiterate the message we’re all hearing which is to stay at home unless it’s for those essential reasons outlined in the national guidance. It’s not easy, isolating ourselves from our family and friends but it’s not permanent and by following this we are doing what our friends working at the hospital are doing…saving lives.

“On behalf of the Council of Governors I want to add my thanks to everyone at the hospital, whatever their role and wherever they work, for everything they’re doing for all of us. It’s at times like this that you realise what we have, the value of the NHS and what it stands for. Thank you from each and every one of us. And to our membership, keep well, stay safe, follow the advice to stay at home and we will get through this together.”