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Our Public Members

Our Membership is a key way for us to play a vital role in our communities. Our Members allow us to engage with the people we serve as a Trust, directly. Listening to views and engaging is a growing priority for the Trust.

Being an NHS Foundation Trust we need to have Public Members – all being able to contribute to how the Trust both represents and understands the needs of the local people.

Membership is free and open to anyone over 16.  By being a Member, you choose how and when you get involved.   

What does it mean to be a Member?

As a Member, you can have a say on how we work as a Trust and are able to vote for your representative Governors. We want you to share your views and thoughts in supporting the work of the Trust depending on what you’re interested in and how you want to hear from us. 

What's new?

We are introducing a new three-level membership scheme. Everybody who wishes to be a member of our Trust can become one. We do recognise that not all our Members will have the same amount of time/level of interest to invest in activities, so we’re creating a tailored Membership – meaning you can decide what level of Membership you’d like and how interested, engaged and involved you’d like to be.

Please be assured all Members, no matter which level you choose, can still vote for, or stand for election onto our Council of Governors. All levels will still be invited to our Annual Members Meeting (details of this year’s event are below) and can receive regular newsletter updates.

What are the levels? 

Level 1 – Interested 

This is the default level which everybody will automatically join when they sign-up to the new approach.
•    You will receive information regarding the annual Governor elections, in which you are eligible to stand for election as a Governor and to vote for the Council of Governors.
•    You may attend events, such the Annual Members Meeting and Health and Information talks – our next AMM will be held on Wednesday, 14 September at Chesterfield Football Club between 6-8pm.
•    You may attend the Council of Governor meetings and ask questions (this is also open to members of the public).
•    If you give us an email address, you will receive an email newsletter update about the Trust and the Council of Governors.**

**If you don’t give us an email address, you can still be a member and vote in and stand for Governor elections and can keep in touch with developments at the Trust via the Trust website or social media or contact the Membership and Governor officer at the Trust with any questions. 

Level 2 – Engaged 

This level is only available for Members who have provided an email address.
•    You will have the same benefits as Level 1, but;
•    You may also be invited to participate in surveys, questionnaires, open days, and meetings. These are, of course, optional.

Level 3 – Involved

This level is only available for Members who have provided an email address.
•    You will have the same benefits as Levels 1 and 2, but;
•    You may also be invited to participate in volunteering, patient experience workshops, and meetings with Board members or Governors. These are, of course, optional.

We are encouraging all Members to go digital, by providing us with an email address, in order that we can communicate with you electronically rather than by post. Going digital is not only environmentally friendly, and cost effective for the Trust, it also provides you with more opportunities for getting involved.

Register for membership

How to Register

You can enter your details using our online form (please click on the link below):


Alternatively, you can email CRHFT.Communications@nhs.net with your name, full address, and contact telephone number.

Data Processing & Privacy Notice

We are committed to ensuring that we process your personal information fairly and lawfully. The changes don't alter the way we use and protect your personal data but make it easier for you to find out how we use it. The data you supply will be used only to contact you about the Trust, membership or other related issues and will be stored in accordance with the current Data Protection Act.

If, in the future, you decide you no longer wish to be a member or receive communications, you can withdraw your consent at any time by emailing or writing to us. You can also remove, reapply, or change the level of membership at any time by contacting us. All details can be found in the Privacy Policy which can be found at the bottom of this page.

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