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25 July 2018

The Board of Directors at Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has concluded that a wholly-owned subsidiary company will safeguard valuable and essential services, protect jobs for hundreds of staff – in turn enabling the Trust to focus on sustaining a full range of core clinical services for the 400,000...

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Communication aid for patients launched

31 May 2018

Chesterfield Royal Hospital has launched a booklet, supported by the Trust’s Charitable Funds, to help patients keep important information about them in one place. The booklet is aimed at patients who might find communicating with clinical staff difficult, or who might have sensitive information they want to share.  It...

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Royal's support for carers gets national recognition

22 May 2018

The Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s work to recognise the role of carers has received national recognition. The Trust’s Carers Project, led by Rebecca Cowley, has been nominated for a Royal College of Nursing Award in the Commitment to Carers category following the work done to acknowledge and support the role...

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Royal offers more support for patients with Autism

15 May 2018

To mark the start of Learning at Work Week, the Chesterfield Royal Hospital has launched a new resource to help patients living with Autism. Six Autism resource boxes have been rolled out across the hospital, containing a number of devices, tools, distractions and information to help patients on our...

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Royal signs 'Dying to Work' pledge

05 February 2018

The Chesterfield Royal Hospital has made an official pledge to protect colleagues who become terminally ill at work. Building on work that was already taking place, the Trust has signed the Dying to Work Charter, part of the TUC’s wider campaign to protect the rights of workers given a...

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