Our Junior Doctors have been recognised as part of annual awards ceremoney taking place in our Education Centre. They were nominated by their peers in a number of different categoroes, we have listed the winners of each category below along with the reason that they were nominated.

Noit everyone could make the occasion but we've created a gallery to represent the whole Junior Doctors team...click here to view

Category:      MD Additional Award
Winner:         Dr Ben Riley

Ben is always prepared to step up and take responsibility, often in difficult circumstances, including undertaking extra shifts when there are gaps. He is hard working as well as being dedicated to providing excellent care which he delivers with great compassion.
Feedback about Ben from nurses is always positive, and patients have commended him for the time he is prepared to spend with them and how clearly and kindly he communicates with them. 
He works hard to deliver good quality teaching, and is someone who goes ‘above and beyond’ as a colleague, and when caring for his patients.

Category:      Compassion, kindness and care
Winner:         Dr Tarquin Bertram

Tarquin always treats his patients on General Surgery with the utmost respect and compassion. He has a holistic approach to patients and a friendly and understanding manner. This attitude is also carried over into his interactions with staff and relatives, contributing to a supportive work environment.    

The compassion and care he has for his patients shine through along with his diligent involvement in their investigations and treatment. Any patient under his care is guaranteed his full attention and respect.

Category:      Contribution to delivery of high quality clinical care
Winner:         Dr Ben Thompson

Ben provided good clinical support to nursing staff during the deterioration of a patient thought to be approaching the end of life. 
He showed great care and compassion to the patient and family and was committed to ensuring that the patient received the appropriate care and treatment in line with the patients’ wishes.
This is one example of Ben’s exemplary approach to patient care.

Category:      Contribution to leadership and management (Medical Director’s Award)
Winner:         Dr Richard Walker 

Richard has shown great leadership in supporting junior doctor led service improvement work, and offers ways to support development and change rather than focus on resistance.
He is a great doctor all round, approachable, understanding as a colleague and always ready to help when needed.

He diligently works to bring about change in a calm and pragmatic way, and his commitment to improving hospital systems is sure to have long-lasting benefits.

Category:      Contribution to teaching and training
Winner:         Dr Mohummad Shaan Goonoo

Dr Goonoo is an excellent colleague. He always takes the time to explain his decision, shows interesting cases and signs and involves Junior Doctors in managing emergencies. For example during one shift he took me to resus to assess sick patients and called me come and see unstable EMU patients with symptoms he knew I had not seen before. 

He is a kind and approachable senior colleague who is extremely supportive and helpful both day to day and whilst on call. Above all he cares about ensuring the whole team is equipped to give good care to patients now and in the future.

Category:      Guardian of Safe Working Award
Winner:         Dr Rebecca Taylor

Becky put herself forward to be a Freedom to Speak Up Champion.
She is passionate about ensuring junior doctors feel safe and supported to speak up about concerns affecting patient safety and the wellbeing of other staff members.   
She has been a true advocate by speaking up herself and encouraging others to do so to, committed to ensuring that we work and lead with compassion and civility.   

Category:      Outstanding contribution to team working
Winner:         Dr Isabella Stevens-Harris

When Isabella finishes her own jobs at the end of the day she would routinely check that all her fellow F1's were also managing, and stay late to help them if not. She is exemplary in her efforts to help with jobs whenever she can. 

She covers a large number of different teams, handling it comfortably thanks to the good relationships she’s built up with all staff on the wards. She is always ready to help and offer support clinically and cheer up and enthuse others when spirits are flagging, thereby helping the whole team. 

Category:      QIP Project
Winner:         Dr Tom Wright and Dr Vinayak Nirmalan

Title: “Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use in patients with chronic kidney disease in a community setting”
This project addressed an important problem and delivered an effective intervention in terms of patient education and safety-netting.

Category:      Significant progress made in placement
Winner:         Dr Richard Smith

Richard has become a proficient, confident doctor who clearly strives to do his best for his patients. His clinical knowledge is excellent and he always delivers the best possible care with kindness, whether holding the hand of a confused patient to offer reassurance or delivering bad news in a sensitive manner.
Patient wellbeing is clearly paramount for him and many spoke about how he had taken the time to speak with them and explain their care.  
Richard has made significant progress this year and is an outstanding Dr who has a great future ahead of him.

Category:      Trust Doctor Award
Winner:         Dr Mohammed Agamia

Mohammed is always there to contribute in any way he can, always putting patients first.
We recently had an emergency where his prompt actions supported by the rest of the team saved a mother and baby’s life.
Mohammed is a compassionate and brilliant anaesthetic colleague who is a pleasure to work with.

Congratulation to everyone...you're a credit to the hospital!