Chesterfield Royal Hospital has held a ‘Celebration of Associate Practitioners and Nursing Associates’ event , aimed at saying ‘ thank you and congratulations’ to those who qualified within the last year. Director of Nursing Lynn Andrews handed out certificates and ‘proud to learn‘ badges to those who were able to attend.


Liz Claridge, Staff Development and Apprenticeship Lead said: “Today is about celebrating the success of our members of staff who have developed into these new roles of Assistant Practitioners and Nursing Associates. I started the journey with them, so am really proud of the development they’ve made. Unfortunately we’ve not had one of these celebrations every year –so today is about celebrating those that have achieved so much in the last couple of years. It’s a lovely time of year to do it.


“They have already graduated – as Assistant practitioners, and a group of Nursing Associates who graduated in January 2019. We really do appreciate their efforts in doing this! We’re so proud of them!”

Lynn Andrews, Director of Nursing congratulated the team on their journey, saying;” You are really fundamental to our nursing workforce, you’re a part of that bigger team – you’re not just partners, everyone delivers that total care package. You should be so very proud of yourselves – we are very proud of you in the Trust. Thank you!”