Chesterfield Royal Hospital and Westfield Health have worked together to ensure a patient, discharged following months of treatment for Covid-19, has the equipment he needed to return home.

Brian Allcock contracted the virus in February and was brought into the Royal where he received intensive care for two months. His wife, Sarah, reached out to Westfield Health to ask for support with Brian’s rehabilitation at home who worked with consultants at the Royal to identify what was needed to enable him to be discharged safely.

Brian and Sarah have six children all aged between five and 22 years old and they were halfway through renovating their home when Brian was taken ill. This caused complications with planning his discharge as the incomplete work resulted in a home environment may have resulted in health problems due to the nature of Covid-19’s symptoms.

Amazing Care

Sarah said: “Like many other people in our situation, we feared the worst when Brian began experiencing serious symptoms of Covid that weren’t getting any better. When he was admitted to Chesterfield Royal’s critical care it was a frightening time but the way they looked after him was amazing and there are no words to describe our gratitude for their team and what they’ve done for Brian. 

“I know that Westfield Health work closely with the NHS and donate to related charities so, as Brian got stronger and began to recover, we wanted to explore the possibility of them being able to help us for when he was fit to be discharged. Because of the incomplete renovations, he needed a suitable bed that would make his return and rehabilitation more comfortable, faster and reduce the chance of him having to be readmitted.

“They worked very closely with the consultants who were looking after Brian to make sure the right equipment could be sourced and I’m so grateful that it happened and he’s now back with us. There’s a way to go as he was incredibly poorly but we’re set up with what we need to help Brian get back to where he needs to be and, after what’s happened in the last few months, I can’t ask for more.”

“They’ve not just saved one life”

The equipment means that Brian can be kept comfortable as he completes his recovery and he was able to be discharged on 24th April.

Sarah added: “It was a good two weeks earlier than expected and the night before Brian returned home felt like every Christmas Eve rolled into one. I feel that without the ITU team going above and beyond and being so innovative, the result could have been devastating. They’ve not just saved one life, they’ve saved mine and our girls and I will be eternally grateful.

“I know there’s a long way to go in terms of recovery but, thanks to Westfield Health, the environment he’s returned to will certainly help to speed things up and I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve done and the help they’ve provided.

“Long heritage of giving back to health”

Rosie Marino is from Westfield Health, she said: “Westfield Health has a long heritage of giving back to health and wellbeing related causes, and it’s something we’re all really proud of. During this difficult year we have stayed committed to our purpose of ‘making a healthy difference’ which has brought colleagues closer together and reminded us how our work impacts people’s lives. 

“Our purpose drives us towards improving the quality of people’s lives and so when Sarah, a longstanding policyholder at Westfield Health, asked for our help, we wanted to find a way of improving the quality of Brian’s life. With overwhelming support from our colleagues, we decided to donate an electric medical bed that will enable Brain to access the comfort and support he needs for his recovery.”