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There’s been a flower shop in the main entrance of Chesterfield Royal Hospital for more than ten years, but today we say a heartfelt and huge ‘thank you’ to Flowerbeds – at least in its current format – as we embark on exciting plans to improve urgent care services for the 400,000 people we serve across North Derbyshire.

The retail unit is set to make way for a purpose built public Pharmacy – as just one small part of the biggest build we may ever see on site.  With limited space in the front entrance to meet our needs, we’ve had to take a decision to swap the shop area for vital clinical space, as part of our planned Urgent Care Village development. The three-year, five-phase project will increase the size of our Emergency Department, includes a paediatric assessment and frailty unit and will improve flow across the hospital – providing the right care, in the right place for the 90,000 patients who come to us each year – whether by ambulance or walk-in. Close access to pharmacy services, creating a dispensary that provides hospital and GP prescriptions, is a vital first step.  The Urgent Care Village is a bold proposal that brings elements of primary, emergency, frailty and paediatric care together – to improve services for patients and staff as demand for care continues to rise.

Whilst Flowerbeds won’t be leasing space in the main entrance, the commercial venture is taking a new turn and we’ll continue to see owner Jackie on-site. She’ll be working out of premises nearby in Walton, taking orders for staff, patients and visitors and delivering flowers to the hospital free of charge. We’ll be promoting and advertising Flowerbeds through our own channels so it can remain a valued service for everyone.

You can contact Jackie by phone on 07999 554 009 or on Facebook @flowerbedsJackieHall