Returning to mask wearing on site for colleagues, patients, and visitors. 

From today (Wednesday, 6 July) everybody at the Trust will be asked to wear a surgical facemask – this is in all areas including retail outlets, eating areas, in meeting places and on corridors. 

This decision has been taken due to an increase in COVID cases in our community and in our hospital admissions; the decision is in line with many Trusts across our region and nationally who have already made this change.

We are reinstating our mask stations at entrances to site meaning surgical masks will be freely available at entrances and on wards/departments for anyone.

Dr Hal Spencer, Chief Executive, said: “This is a disappointing development, but it is important that we continue to keep the health and wellbeing of everybody as our top priority. We are incredibly grateful for the continued support of our local community and ask that anyone coming on to site wears a mask. We will of course keep the situation under review and update across our channels as things develop."

This is an immediate, hopefully temporary, and precautionary measure, which we will hope to review at the earliest opportunity.