Following advice from Public Health England (PHE), Derbyshire’s Public Health Department and to support our adult patients who are trying to give up smoking, the Chesterfield Royal Hospital is changing its approach to the use of vaping on site.

Vaping can be an effective aid to giving up smoking, with published research from PHE suggesting it is 95% safer than smoking. With a number of patients and visitors using E-Cigarettes as a means to help quit smoking, the Trust has made a move to clarify its position on their use, including updating its smoke-free site policy.

The change reflects the Royal’s commitment to doing everything it can to help patients in our care who wish to give up smoking and is part of the wider efforts to support longer term cessation. Vaping is now permitted outside the hospital building, away from courtyards, entrances, open doors and windows.

Sally Chadwick is the Trust’s nursing lead for the policy change. She said: “We’ve approached this from a smoking cessation point of view. Whilst the Trust would not encourage vaping as such, given its success in helping people to stop smoking, we are happy to allow it on site for those patients who are using vaping to help them give up cigarettes. The guidance we have had from Public Health England is that it presents a much lower health risk than smoking and is proving useful to help smokers give up cigarettes. So, as long as it is done outside and away from doors and windows, we will now permit their use on site.

“Helping people to quit smoking is a major part of the national and local health agenda and there is a portion of the recently published NHS Long Term Plan that is devoted to prevention, of which smoking cessation will play a major part. We are playing our part in following national guidelines to implement this plan as part of the collective drive towards promoting healthier lifestyle choices.”

We ask all our adult inpatient about their smoking habits, with those who smoke offered nicotine replacement alongside the option of a referral to Live Life Better Derbyshire for further support upon discharge. Sally will be holding an information stall in our main entrance on Tuesday 22nd January to answer any questions you might have about e-cigarettes and how they might help you to quit smoking. The Trust is also offering education to support colleagues to give the right advice at ward level.

Sally added: “We’re launching the new policy on January 22nd with a stall in the main entrance to help our colleagues understand what this means for patients and how it affects them. The popularity of e-cigarettes has grown significantly over the past few years and the research carried out by PHE has helped us to clarify our position on them in terms of health promotion.

“E-cigarettes is just one way that people can substitute the harmful effects of smoking. Other nicotine replacement therapies available on our inpatient wards include nicotine patches and we can also make referrals to our local stop smoking service who give ongoing help to patients who wish to give up smoking. Just come along on the day and we’ll be happy to talk through all that we do to support our patients.”

You can read more about Public Health England’s report into the review of e-cigarette use by following this link…