You may have seen changes to the national guidance for mask wearing and social distancing in clinical settings. 

For Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, we’re going to do this in a phased and carefully managed way – ensuring the health and wellbeing of everybody. 

From Monday (13 June) masks and social distancing will not be required in retail outlets, offices and non-clinical areas (including corridors*) – unless this is a personal preference or there are specific issues raised by a risk assessment. 

Masks and social distancing will still be required in all clinical settings and areas. There will be no changes to clinical settings including outpatient, inpatient and diagnostic areas.

This will be reviewed at the end of the month – allowing us to assess the impact of the changes.

*Excluding where patients are e.g. Emergency Department corridors.

For visitors:

  • In inpatient settings where patients are at high risk of infection due to immunosuppression, e.g. oncology/haematology, visitors may be asked to wear a facemask following a local risk assessment.
  • Visitors and individuals accompanying patients to outpatient appointments or the emergency department are not routinely required to wear a facemask unless this is a personal preference, although they may be encouraged to do so following a local risk assessment. 
  • Visitors are asked to contact each ward or areas to confirm the individual visiting policies.
  • Accompanying adults will be allowed to wait with patients in all settings (where there is room available).