Closure of Visitors Entrance

From Monday, 27 June until Friday, 5 August, building works will be taking place to construct a new courtyard covered walkway at Chesterfield Royal Hospital. This will enable a better experience for our visitors by keeping people dry when raining, away from the elements and ensuring smoother transitions between departments, including the new discharge lounge.

Please note that this closure means that the walkway access through the Visitors Entrance will be closed to patients, the public and colleagues during this time (seven weeks).

Clear divisions are being put in place, directing people to the alternative routes through Scarsdale or the Main Entrance. Clear signage and posters will be put up and diversions clearly marked. We have also engaged with colleagues on main reception, security and our volunteers to provide support to those needing support to reach their destinations – this includes in and out of hours.

Thank you for your co-operation during this time whilst we continue to improve our services for our patients, visitors and colleagues. 

Please find diversion routes in the image below. 

Notice - no access (1).png