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Team CRH


We’re embarking on the biggest social media campaign we’ve ever undertaken – and it’s all about you and the vital work you do as part of a 3,700 strong team.

Every one of us working in the hospital plays a valuable part in providing great patient care and services – and we want to shout about it! Our #IAmTeamCRH campaign is aiming to introduce a different member of staff on social media, every day, from April 3rd 2017 for a whole year.

Communications will be out and about in the hospital taking photographs and asking you about your roles. There’s no pressure to participate – but before everyone runs a mile we hope you’ll welcome the opportunity to be recognised for the difference you make to colleagues, to patients and their relatives and to our local communities! It’s an opportunity to be proud and shout about the job you do!

We’ll be visiting every area over the next year and capturing the variety of staff we have on site. Follow the story as it unfolds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out who appears every day of the week!

April 2017

Emma and Jennifer Carol Jonathan Sandler 6Wendy 7005-Caroline-Bowdler 8Steve 9Steve
10Jackie 11Julia 12Shirley 13Jill 14Carrie 15Gary 16Carla
17Gemma 18Aneesa 19Kim 20Jake 21Julie 22Adam 23Charlotte
24Jenni 25Nicoleta 26Brian 27Andrew 28Julie 29Rachel 30Colin

May 2017

1Joy 2Elvin 3Alison 4Emily 5Wendy 6Asai 7Lesley
8 Rachel 9Luke 10Sharon 11Dr Hussain 12Lynn 13Richard 14Lauren
15Jamie 16Dawn 17Helen 18Heather 19Kath 20Nicky 21Demi
22Deanna 23Genieve 24Chloe 25Kathy 26Lindsay 27Dave 28Melanie
29Bridget 30Becky 31Pete        

June 2017

      1Geoff 2Michaela 3Karen 4Tony
5Margaret 6Camilla 7Tony 8Richard 9Mike 10Pam and Patricia 11Carl
12Maria 13Karen 14Sally 15Laura 16Pauline 17Darren 18Emma
19Maria 20Amy 21Jennifer 22Mandy 23Julie 24Karen 25Pam
26Natalie 27Jimmy 28Caroline  29Jon  30David    

July 2017

          1Mick 2Donna
3Lyndsey 4Bridget 5Cheryl 6Robert 7Alison 8Ian 9Chrissy
10James 11Lynn 12Jill 13Marie 14Debbie 15Sally 16Pervaiz
17Lynne 18Claire 19Nicci 20Ken 21Louise 22Jayne 23Katie
24Kerrie 25Jenny 26Dan  27Donna  28Marie  29Linda 30 Justin

 August 2017

   1Barabar  2Karen  3Holly  4Josie 5Nicola 6Ian
7Rachel 8Sara-Lea 9Tracy 10Jackie 11Helen 12Mary 13Jo
14Aimee 15Laura 16Jane 17Ibrahim 18Faye 19Carol 20Henry
21Vikki 22Joseph 23Andrea 24Shirley 25Grace 26Khal 27Tracey
28Mick 29Aiwyne 30Helen  31Mark      

 September 2017

         1Leanne 2Carly 3Tracey
4Dawn 5Kim 6Julie 7Anthony 8Russell 9Lauren 10Angela
11Debra 12Ami 13Mark 14Amy 15Holly 16Julie 17Emily
18Leigh 19Jeanette 20 21Gemma 22Gemma 23Alice 24Andrea
25Shannon 26Gail 27Kelly  28Liz 29 Sarah 30 Jeanette  

October 2017

2Richard 3Mathew 4Suzanne 5Carley 6Vikki 7Warren 8Sally
9Jennifer 10Kim 11Sue 12Claire 13Andy 14Gemma 15Pam
16Megan 17Vicky 18Gladstone 19Pat 20Jayne 21Helen 22Katie
23Jo 24Gemma 25Kirsty  26Louise 27 David 28Hal 29 Nikki
30Laura 31Beth          

November 2017

     1Marissa 2Mahmud 3Andrea 4Deborah 5Adele
6Justine 7Claire 8Claire 9Fiona 10Sue 11Andy 12Wendy
13Angela 14Dianne 15Vitti 16Victoria 17Sarah 18Sharon 19Keelie
20Caroline 21Sophie 22Sharon 23Amy 24Sarah 25Mansur 26Kiri
27Debbie 28Ian 29Claire  30Michael      

December 2017

         1Candy Dawn 3Janet
4Hannan 5Hannah 6Mehnaaz 7Meesey 8Maria 9Jamie 10Karen
11Maria 12Teresa Owen 13Debbie Kilmartin 14Hayley 15Tom 16Janet 17
18Iman 19Tracy 20Tina 21Heather 22Rhoda 23Alan 24Christmas Eve
25Christmas Day 26Paula 27Charlie  28Kevin 29 Aqeeb 30Lucy 31 Neil

January 2018

1Trevor 2Maxine 3Peter 4Yvonne 5Lesley 6Maxine 7Renu
8Martin 9Debi 10Verity 11Theresa 12Helen 13Lynsey 14Sarah
15Lianne 16Henry 17Vicki 18Rebecca 19Louise 20Robin 21Laura
22Ben 23Maureen 24Louise 25Cathryn 26Cheryl 27Rowena 28 Laura
29Barbara 30David 31Maxwell        


February 2018

      1Jennifer 2Dee 3Heather 4Heather
5Lindsay 6Janet 7Kath 8Jake 9Teresa 10Graham 11Philip
12Michaela 13Dagamara 14Steven 15Heather 16Sarah 17Sarah 18Vicky
19James 20Stephanie 21https://www.facebook.com/chesterfieldroyalhospital/photos/a.244873438860441.77480.243574042323714/1998007333547034/?type=3&theater 22Mirachelle 23Nicola 24Lynn 25 Amanda
26Rachae 27Neil 28Becky        

March 2018

      1Jenny 2Eddie 3Laura 4
5Zoe 6Debbie 7Chloe 8Amber 9 10 11
12Julie 13Pauline 14Amanda 15Ami 16Joanne 17Anna 18Iman
19Julie 20Stuart 21 22Sarah 23Michael 24Lynsdey 25 
26 27 28  29 30 31  

April 2018