The UECD has been designed to give the best possible care to patients. 

We have seen an increase in attendances year on year, with the old ED department being built in the 1970’s to cater for average attendances of 50,000 we are now seeing over 100,000 patients per year but not only higher volume, we are seeing far more unwell patients than we have ever seen. To accommodate this, we have increased the number of pitstop bays which are used by the ambulance service to allow quick turnaround and allow us to ensure patients are streamed in the safest and most efficient way. 

The UECD is being built to accommodate the increased numbers of attendances and to support the change in patient presentations who are now much more unwell than we had previously experienced. 

The UECD will open in Summer 2023 and is expected to see thousands of patients per year. 


The UECD will look to manage the increased demands placed on all Trusts and will lead the way in innovative and creative solutions to cope with changing requirements / demands.

The UECD has been designed to ensure an altogether more efficient and quality focused, patient experience. From arrival at the £27m development on the Trust site, the UECD is designed to be different by focusing on an individual’s journeys through the UECD – the times when our communities need us the most.

  • There will be a navigation point at the entrance to support patients make the best decisions for ongoing care. 
  • With enhanced air changes and negative pressure throughout the department our goal is to ensure the reduction of airborne disease transmission utilising learning from Covid pandemics. 
  • Every room has been designed with a specific function in mind but with the ability to be altered depending on demands on the department. This flexibility will provide reassurance and future-proof environment. 
  • Enhanced clinical testing systems are being fitted to every clinical room, allowing quick and early diagnostics and ongoing patient monitoring. This will reduce the time patients spend waiting diagnostics and will also improve the work environment for our clinicians and supporting colleagues. 
  • We will have a bespoke paediatric clinical area that will have 24/7 cover by specialist paediatric teams, ensuring our youngest patients are cared for in the most appropriate environment.
  • We are investing in a bespoke separate waiting area for our neurodiverse patients and any patients experiencing mental health crises – learning from best practice, this includes having high levels of natural light with a skylight in the ceiling. Our view is with the increased number of patients attending in mental health crisis this will be an invaluable asset in ensuring patients are treated with respect and dignity in care. 
  • Some patients are waiting longer than we would like in department and we have ensured there are numerous facilities available in the department to ease this – this includes specific catering offers for our patients that are awaiting treatment. 
  • The department has been designed to ensure the best monitoring of patients both visually and electronically, but also ensuring that our clinical colleagues are visible and approachable through the unique design of the new development. This includes work bases set up in the middle of clinical areas and each clinical room having access to the electronic patient record, ensuring our clinicians always have access to the correct equipment and most up-to-date personalised information. 
  • We are increasing the number of resuscitation bays for our most unwell patients to six, this including bespoke isolation and paediatric resus bays. These areas are designed to allow the very best monitoring and care as well as providing access to all the equipment, medication and blood products required for our most unwell patients including a blood fridge, Omnicell pharmacy machine and an anaesthetic machine in every bay. Natural light is an important asset and two huge skylights have been placed directly over the clinical workspace to ensure colleagues and patients are able to see the outside world.


Added extra…

  • To support colleagues – increasing our ability to recruit and retain the very best clinicians – education, training and health and wellbeing facilities are being integrated into the top of the UECD to ensure colleagues have access to the most modern facilities. 
  • A breakout room for colleagues, with lots of natural light, male and female changing rooms with showers and lockers to support our workforce is an added selling point. 
  • Offices for medical, nursing and AHP staff are included to ensure there is space to undertake administrative tasks. 
  • We have built a state-of-the-art simulation suite to support real-world simulation – this will increase expertise and confidence. 
  • We are hoping that the facilities we have built show our recognition of the efforts of ED – we want all colleagues to be looked after to the highest standard as they look after patients.


In summary:
Patients will notice lots of natural light, bespoke artwork and enhanced information sharing ensuring they understand the waiting times, and what is currently happening within the department and what their journey through the department will look like. 

Patients who have visited the previous ED department will notice huge changes in facilities, clinical room layout and clinical facilities, patients that have not visited before will see a state-of-the-art ED that provides the highest standard of care. The UECD will be a beacon of emergency care in the Midlands and is already being used by other organisations of how to build a ED. Our only ask – please ensure you only visit us if you need to – help us to help those who truly need emergency care. 

Monthly Updates:

June 2023

CRH Emergency Department RECEPTION MURAL DAVE DRAWS-6.jpg CRH Emergency Department WAYFINDING SIGNAGE-7.jpg  CRH Emergency Department AMBULANCE ENTRANCE REAR EXTERNAL-18.jpg

The new Emergency Department development at Chesterfield Royal Hospital opened to patients on Wednesday, 21 June 2023 at 06:00, but we don't want you to visit unless you really need to.

The new development, with its state-of-the-art approach to patient flow, highly spec’d equipment, ultra-modern technology and a real grounding in the community through the locally sourced artwork and wayfinding will be jewel in Chesterfield’s crown but it’s vital that people only visit if they truly need to. 

Watch a short video from our Programme Director, Anthony Kenny about the new Emergency Department Development here - 

You can also view an interactive virtual tour of our new Emergency Department.

March 2023

MicrosoftTeams-image (15).png MicrosoftTeams-image (16).png MicrosoftTeams-image (17).png​​​​​​

In the images above you can the how light, especially natural light, is a key benefit for the new development - creating an open and reassuring space. It will also be decorated with artwork from local artists, which we're currently out to award five £2.5k grants for. The glass work also supports the concept of the wait and play area – meaning children can be observed by clinicians.
All the Majors bays have glazed sliding doors ensuring enhanced privacy and dignity of our patients and limiting noise. The open nature of the department, with the use of windows and clever design, also supports colleagues in maintaining sight of patients and allows the care being given to be seen by patients and relatives – making colleagues more approachable but also sharing just how much unseen work our clinical teams do. Noting this will need to consider patient confidentiality and respect for the privacy and dignity agenda with the use of curtains as needed.
The Reception Area is nearly complete, with final touches being placed within the department, such as the main desk.
February 2023

image.png image.png image.png

The UECD is taking is taking shape with the solid desks being fitted - this marks a huge step in the finalising of the internals of the building.
The retaining walls at the entrance to the hospital are having the hoarding removed to allow people to see the work that is ongoing at the front of the new unit. The metal structures will form the ramp and steps that lead into the new department. 
January 2023
image.png image.png image.png
This month we wanted to give you an update on our Paediatric Area within the Development. This area is a stand alone area within the UECD and will be a safe space that is fit for purpose for our youngest patients.
In the images below you can see there is a huge skylight that showers the wait and play area in natural light. Within this area we will have five clinical bays for unwell children and a large wait and play area with children’s table, chairs and equipment.
The nurse base is situated in the middle of the department to make our colleagues more approachable and accessible, but also to support the team in monitoring children who are under observation in the department.
October 2022
UECD Oct 1.png UECD Oct 2.jpg UECD Oct 3.png UECD Oct 4.png
This month saw more tours for our colleagues to allow them to see the build really take shape. There has been progress to the installation of internal partitions, which really helps to vision the layout of the UECD. There has also been progress made to Resus, and finishes to Majors.
September 2022
TS11-UECD Chesterfield Royal 14.9.22.jpg TS24-UECD Chesterfield Royal 30.9.22.jpg TS50-UECD Chesterfield Royal 30.9.22.jpg TS31-UECD Chesterfield Royal 30.9.22.jpg
This month's visit shows how the external fittings have developed in line with the initial design - a key focus being colours used throughout the build to support the different zones and sections of the Urgent and Emergency Care Development. This month, some of our Executive colleagues had a tour around the site, hearing how the build is going and what our next steps are. 
August 2022
TS16-UECD Chesterfield Royal 19.8.22.jpg  TS31-UECD Chesterfield Royal 19.8.22.jpg  TS21-UECD Chesterfield Royal 19.8.22.jpg  TS2-UECD Chesterfield Royal 19.8.22.jpg
August's visit saw more internal and external fittings being installed, like windows, doors and room and bay interiors. We also welcomed a small group of colleagues on this month's tour, which took place on Wednesday, 3 August. 
July 2022

TS48-UECD Chesterfield Royal 15.7.22.jpg  TS10-UECD Chesterfield Royal 15.7.22.jpg  TS38-UECD Chesterfield Royal 15.7.22.jpg  

A recent tour of the UECD unveiled the second floor plans and developments, which includes colleague rest and break areas, and a simulation training suite. Internal walls are being put up on the ground floor, which really highlights the build's different areas and sections. Adrian Leigh, Project Manager for Vinci led the tour with Chris Tann, Director of Estates, Anthony Kenny, Programme Director and Berenice Groves, Chief Operating Officer and Deputy CEO.
June 2022

TS33-UECD 16.6.22.jpg  TS22-UECD 16.6.22.jpg  TS64-UECD 16.6.22.jpg

Lewis from Rooksby Roofing and Dr Lendrum sign the back of a piece of external cladding. Dr Lendrum then attached this to the building, serving as a 'time capsule' element to the build. The external cladding is now complete and Dr Lendrum and Anthony Kenny, Programme Director installed a number of cladding panels via cherry picker to the second floor of the build.