Student Support

Support for all students at Chesterfield Royal Hospital is primarily provided by the clinical practice area of which they are learning in. A close working relationship with Educational providers (Universities, Schools) has developed with years of partnership working.

Clinical practice areas identify key personnel within the department who demonstrate particular interest in students and learning in that environment. In nursing practice areas, a Learning Environment Manager (LEM) performs a key part to facilitate students, Clinical educators are another role associated with students and learning.

For more information about Placements, Student support, Mentors, LEMs, Preceptorship or any aspect of Practice Learning and the Practice Learning Team at Chesterfield Royal Hospital, please click on the link below.

In AHP practice areas, the Student Co-ordinator/Clinical Liaison Officer will be key in facilitating and supporting students. Educators and the teams who work with students on a daily basis also provide support.

For more information on each AHP placement area (including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Radiography, Speech and Language Therapy and Dietetics), student support and student induction handbook please click the link below:

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