It's really hard for our patients and their relatives at the moment. The suspension of visiting is helping to keep people safe during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, nevertheless not being able to see loved-ones whilst they're ill in hospital is really difficult. 'Face-Time' on i-pads and smart phones can make a difference, but there's nothing like a personal message to show someone that you care.

So we've launched a designated e-mail address, for you to send a relative or friend a #LetterOfLove - a few words to let them know you're thinking of them and sending your love and best wishes. We're happy to pop in a photograph or two as well - a cheery grin from grandchildren, a new baby or just a selfie with a smile - they can all lift spirits.

We'll print off your #LetterOfLove, place it in an envelope and deliver it safely to the ward on your behalf. You'll need to make sure you tell us who the patient is (full name), their date of birth and the ward they're on. It's a secure address and your letter will be treated in confidence by the small number of staff who will run this service. We hope it's a welcome addition to keep people in touch in a really special and personal way.

Send your #LetterOfLove to