The Chesterfield Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Adult Audiology Department provides a comprehensive service for adults with hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders. 

The Audiology department is based at Chesterfield Royal Hospital; however, we also cover a large area across North Derbyshire and regularly visit several community clinics.

The dedicated Audiology team consists of Audiologists, Assistant Technical Officers, a Clinical Scientist, Hearing Therapists, Audiology Co-ordinators, and Receptionists. We are also a teaching and training centre for Student Audiologists.

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Audiology services include:
  • Diagnostic hearing tests
  • Advice on communication strategies
  • Top of the range NHS hearing aids
  • Ongoing support and follow up care
  • Tinnitus specialist service
  • Balance specialist service

The caring, professional team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in performing assessments and providing treatment, rehabilitation, and practical advice to meet each individual's specific needs. 

In November 2019, the department re-achieved 'Quality in Physiological Services' (IQIPS) accreditation. This recognition is awarded to Audiology services that demonstrate the highest quality care for patients undergoing assessment and treatment.