Our hearing therapy service is run by a team of specialist audiologists.

We work with individuals who have more complex hearing and balance needs. The specialist audiologists and hearing therapists work with adults who have specific problems and/or disorders for example: tinnitus, and vertigo.

The service also provides individual rehabilitation programmes and support to patients with other problems some of which include:

  • forms of hypersensitivity
  • those experiencing sudden hearing loss
  • rapid progression of hearing loss
  • minimal hearing loss and
  • patients struggling to come to terms with a gradual loss of hearing and its impact.

We offer support and counselling to help with the psychological and emotional effects of these problems alongside providing help and advice on practical solutions to help improve communication strategies and skills.

Patients can be referred to the service from other audiology staff who identify a need in a routine appointment or directly from an ENT consultant via your GP. One Stop Clinics can be held so that both the ENT consultation and Hearing therapy appointment are held on the same day.