Making an appointment with Audiology

If you are not an existing Audiology patient at Chesterfield Royal Hospital your GP can refer you to Audiology for a hearing test.

If you are already an Audiology Patient at Chesterfield Royal Hospital you may want to contact us for an appointment should you have any problems with your hearing aid or feel that your hearing has gradually deteriorated.

Any sudden changes to your hearing or complaints of Pain,

discharge, infection or wax should be dealt with via your

GP services.

Should you need to make an appointment to see or speak with an audiologist you can call Audiology Reception directly on 01246 514403. If we are experiencing an unprecedented number of calls you may leave a message on: 01246 516090. If you have access to the internet and wish to email Audiology our email address is:

If you need special arrangements to be able to attend appointments please let us know.

To print your own card that is wallet size (click here for PDF)