Bowel Scope Screening is a one off Camera test to help prevent bowel cancer. Bowel Scope is offered to men and woman aged 55 years. Here at North Derbyshire Screening Centre all our lists are currently based at Chesterfield Royal Hospital we cover a screening population of just over half a million.

You will receive an invitation through the post asking if you wish to take part in Bowel scope screening. You can either telephone the free phone number or use the pre-paid envelope to confirm.

Then you will receive confirmation of your appointment and an enema through the post prior to your appointment. There will be a free phone number on your letter to contact if your appointment is unsuitable or you have any special needs or requirements. You will also receive a consent form, please read and sign this- take this to your appointment with you. A couple of days prior to your test you will receive a pre procedure phone call from a screening practitioner, checking you are still attending your appointment and offering you a chance to ask any questions. On the day of your test you will need to use the enema an hour before leaving home following the instructions provided. Remove the enema from the packet; lie down close to the toilet on your left side if possible with your knees up towards your chest. Insert the enema as per the instructions provided; try to hold onto the liquid for as long as you can, or up to 5 minutes before going to the toilet.

On arrival for your test go straight to the endoscopy department and report to the endoscopy reception. You will have your details checked on arrival and will be asked to complete a health check questionnaire. Please hand your signed consent form to the receptionist. Your details will be checked with the Endoscopy nurse along with your blood pressure prior to your test. You will be walked to the Endoscopy room, where the Screening Practitioner, Screening Endoscopist and Endoscopy nurses will be present. You will be asked to change into some dignity shorts behind a privacy screen within the room. The test normally takes around 15 minutes, gas and air is available if needed. Small polyps can be removed if seen, you won’t feel this.

Once your test is complete you will change back into your clothes behind the privacy screen. The screening practitioner will then go through your discharge information and any follow up required. You will be invited to take part in the Bowel Cancer Screening Programme at 60 years.

If you have any further questions then please call us on 01246 516189.

You may be interested in the podcast by the Rev Richard Coles (Ex-Communarde’s) from Radio 2’s ‘Pause for thought’ as he gives his experience of a bowel scope test when he reached 55:

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