COVID-19 Update

Guidance to keep you safe when attending your breast screening appointment  

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a major impact on the NHS, including breast screening.  As a result, you may have waited longer than normal for your appointment and we would like to apologise for this.  We recommend that you now attend your next scheduled appointment and want to assure you that we will have a range of measures in place to help protect you from coronavirus. 
Please DO NOT attend an appointment if you or any member of your household are suffering from any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 or are self-isolating.  If this applies to you, please contact us so that you can reschedule your appointment for a different time.
If you are identified as clinically extremely vulnerable and have been shielding, please contact us for further advice before attending your appointment. 

Travelling to and from your appointment

When travelling to and from your appointment, please follow guidelines which include keeping a safe distance from others and travelling by car, bike or walking if possible. Where possible wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitiser. Go to and for more information on ‘staying safe outside your home’.

Wearing a face covering 

In line with government advice, please wear a face covering to your appointment. This can be a mask you have bought or made, a face covering worn for religious or cultural reasons (as long as they cover the mouth and nose) or a surgical mask you have been given because you are shielding. For guidance on how to wear and make a face mask, visit

When attending your appointment

We have a range of measures to minimise the risk of COVID-19:
•    social distancing measures will be in place
•    there will be additional infection control procedures and clinical staff will be wearing personal protective equipment such as face masks
•    your appointment may be at a clinic that is not your usual venue
•    the appointment may take longer than usual.
•    Please do not arrive early for your appointment, social distancing guidelines are limiting our waiting facilities.

Due to the COVID-19 response, our service will have a reduced number of appointments available. If you choose not to attend your appointment, please contact us. It is helpful for us to know why so we can help with any concerns you might have. If you still do not wish to attend, we can offer it to someone else.

Contact:    Tel 01246 516060 or email