A wide range of services are available within Cardiology and Respiratory medicine, including exercise ECG and pulmonary function testing. In addition, GP direct access services are available for ECG, 24 hour ambulatory ECG, 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure recording, basic spirometry, sleep apnoea, palpitations clinic and echocardiography.  We also offer a Rapid Access Chest Pain clinic daily Monday to Friday in our Cardio-Respiratory suite.

On site we have a Cardiac Catheter Laboratory and Angiography Suite.  A Cardiac Rehabilitation programme is also available for patients after myocardial infarction and surgery, with counselling and supervised exercise provided by Nurse Practitioners, Medical and Physiotherapy staff. The Cardiac Rehabilitation Nurses liaise closely with General Practitioners and Practice Nurses.

We currently have 3 Consultant Cardiologists and 3 Respiratory Consultants.

We also offer a Home Oxygen Service and have a dedicated Nurse Specialist offering different models of home oxygen therapy as part of the Derbyshire Integrated Respiratory Care Service.

As part of our integrated Respiratory service we care for patients with chronic Respiratory diseases including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Chronic Asthma and Lung Disease, where we also have a dedicated Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist.  We also offer diagnostic procedures for bronchoscopy and more recently have introduced thoracoscopy as a new service development to help find the cause of possible respiratory problems.

There is also a Respiratory Clinic at Whitworth Clinic.