Cardiac Rehabilitation is an evidence based essential intervention which has been demonstrated to be highly effective in reducing morbidity and mortality in people with existing Cardiovascular Disease.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Team consists of Janice, Sara, Elaine and Sam who are experienced nurses within the area of cardiology. 

The team aim’s to provide high quality, patient centred care, providing patient’s with suitable and timely information about their diagnosis and treatment, including heart attacks, angina, heart failure, stents, cardiac surgery and implantable devices.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation team provides support for patients during their acute admission of a heart attack. The team can talk to them about their diagnosis, recovery and getting back to their usual activities and how they can protect their heart in the future. 

Once discharged home, one of the team will contact the patient to check on their progress, offer support and answer any questions the patient or their family may have.  

Patient’s will be referred to a Cardiac Rehabilitation programme of their choice and an appointment will be posted out to them. Appointments are available both face to face and also via the telephone.

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme

Aims to help you:

  • Improve your knowledge of your cardiac condition and coronary heart disease.
  • Gain knowledge about what exercises you can do, what level you are at and how to increase this level at a pace right for you.
  • Regain your ability and confidence to participate in activities which you enjoy.
  • Improve your fitness levels.
  • Reduce any symptoms such as angina.
  • Improve your blood pressure.
  • Improve your breathing.
  • Advice and information about maintaining a healthy weight.

Smoking cessation support and advice

For all patient’s who have completed a Cardiac Rehabilitation exercise programme,if the patient wants to be referred, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist Nurse can  refer the patient directly onto an appropriate maintenance exercise programme in their local area.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist Nurses
Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
S44 5BL

Tel: 01246 512138