Chief Executive's Office

The department is led by the Chief Executive 

It is responsible for managing the hospital and for developing strategy to present and discuss at the Board of Director meetings. The directorate also brings any problems to the Board’s attention and is responsible for ensuring the Trust meets targets and responsibilities set by the Board.

The Chief Executive is accountable not only to the Chairman, but also to the Chief Executive of the NHS in matters relating to financial probity and value for money.

There are a number of other main areas the Chief Executive must take personal responsibility for, including: Health and Safety; responses to complaints; research and development and partnerships with other organisations.

Working with the Chairman, the Chief Executive gives strategic leadership and acts as the Trust’s official spokesperson.

The communications department, responsible for press and public relations as well as internal communication with staff is located within this department and deals with enquiries from the media, see the news section here for more information.

Governor and Membership also falls within the Chief Executive's Office, you can read more about this department by clicking here.