Allergy Service at Chesterfield

The Paediatric allergy service is provided by a team of trained professionals for several years and has benefited local children who have various allergies. The allergy service has very good feedback from families.

The team consists of following professionals;

  1. Dr Prasad, Consultant Paediatrician with an interest in Paediatric Allergy 
  2. Lynn Elliot, Allergy Nurse specialist 
  3. Eldon Millward Allergy Nurse specialist
  4. Sascha Landskron Paediatric dietician 
  5. Community Nursing staff

The service we provided include:

  • Complete assessment of food allergy, allergy to pet animals, ENT allergies, dairy and other food intolerances 
  • Evaluation includes clinical assessment followed by skin prick testing and blood test where indicated 
  • Adrenalin Auto-injector training where appropriate both at the clinic as well as in the community by trained nurses. This includes training Preschool nursery staff and extended family. 
  • Long term follow up and monitoring when needed 
  • Dietetic advice provided for all types of food allergy 
  • Emergency treatment plan and travel authorisation as recommended by BSACI (British society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology) issued as appropriate 
  • Parent information/ written plans issued as appropriate 
  • Day case facilities for supervised Food Challenges on the Paediatric ward and expertise to manage any untoward reactions 
  • Close links with regional allergy network and a referral process in place for complex and difficult allergies and where immuno-therapy is needed 
  • There is a weekly allergy clinic led by consultant and his team on Thursday morning. This being a multi-professional team all aspects of allergy is usually addressed at single visit 
  • Reasonable waiting for new appointments