Service Outline

The Children’s Hearing Service delivers a high quality IQIPS accredited service to Babies, Children and their families in North Derbyshire. All our hearing assessments, diagnosis, treatment management and support are delivered at two sites within North Derbyshire. 


  • To assess and diagnose hearing loss in Babies and Children attending our Service

  • To help babies and children who require our service by providing them with support to enable them to participate fully in everyday life

  • Provide support and assistance to Parents / Carers & Families
  • Work collaboratively with families and other health and education staff

Our services include

  • Newborn Hearing Screening as part of the Public Health England Screening Program
  • Comprehensive hearing assessment
  • Diagnosis and management plans
  • Hearing aid Provision (as clinically required) & on-going support / maintenance/review
  • Hearing Surveillance (as clinically required)
  • Listening Difficulty Clinic
  • Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Service
  • Specialist training to Health & Education Settings

Who we are

We are a small dedicated Team consisting of a Lead Clinical Scientist, experienced Newborn Hearing Screeners, and Paediatric Audiologists / Clinical Scientists. We also have the support of a Consultant Paediatrician with special interest in Audiology.

Who we see

We see babies from newborn to children of 16 years of age. At this stage those requiring continuing management will be transitioned to Adult Services through a specialist pathway.

Who we work with

We are part of an integrated service and have close links with colleagues in Paediatrics, Speech and Language Therapy, School Health Services and CAMHS.
The Newborn Hearing Screening Team also work closely with Midwives, Specialist Paediatricians (NICU) & Health Visitors to ensure screening is offered to all babies at the earliest opportunity.
The Children’s Hearing Service has close working relationships with Paediatricians, ENT Consultants and Speech & Language Therapists. The Specialist Scientific Services are delivered locally by working in collaboration with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
We have a Children’s Hearing Services Working Group (CHSWG) which consists of professionals from within the service, Education, Social Care, Derbyshire Health, Parents and Voluntary sector members including National Deaf Children’s Society; we work together to improve services for Children with hearing impairments in the region.
The service is also a member of the South Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Paediatric Audiology Network.

Where we are

We hold clinics at The Royal Hospital in Chesterfield and at Buxton Health Centre in the High Peak of Derbyshire. The service and support is also offered to two Special School settings within North Derbyshire.

Referral Information

The Children’s Hearing Service accepts referrals from GP’s, Health Visitors, School Nurses and other referring Clinicians in agreement with the Parent /Carer.

We accept referrals from the Newborn Hearing Screening Programme, which the service has the responsibility for.

All referrals must be discussed with the Parent /Carer and a letter or referral form completed to include the reason for the referral and a history of symptoms.

Once a referral has been received and considered, an appointment for an initial assessment will be made.

If you are a Professional and need a copy of our referral form please contact our Service Administrator – 01246 514577.

What to expect at the appointment

  • At Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

You will need to check in at The Den Reception.

You will be directed to the Children’s Hearing Service which is situated just behind the Den (along the same corridor for the Nightingale Children’s Ward)
On arrival in the Children’s Hearing waiting area we have a small selection of toys and colouring activities. We don’t have any staffed reception, so if it all appears quiet we may well be testing.
When you and your child are called from the waiting area the Audiologist / Clinical Scientist will introduce themselves.

  • At Buxton Health Centre

You will need to check in at The Main Health Centre Reception.
You will be directed to the waiting area where there are a small selection of toys and colouring activities. 
When you and your child are called from the waiting area the Audiologist / Clinical Scientist will introduce themselves.

We have the following information leaflet to help you & your child before the appointment:

What to Expect at your Child's Appointment

What happens next…

When all the relevant tests have been completed we will advise and discuss the results with you.

An individual management plan (IMP) will be agreed with you and on leaving the department you will have a copy of this plan.

Following the appointment a printed copy of the results will be sent to the referrer and / or GP and any other professionals you have identified as having input with your child (this could be a Paediatrician, Speech & language Therapist or School Nurse).

If your child is discharged from our service should you have any further hearing concerns for them please see your Health Visitor / GP for consideration of another referral.

If we intend to see your child again the IMP will advise you of the time scale. You will be contacted nearer the time to arrange an appointment via the Hospital’s Central Booking Team.

Useful Information  (Internal information)

  • Inserting your child’s ear mould

  • Care of the ear mould

  • How to insert a CORDA
  • Looking after the CORDA ear tip
  • Retubing an Earmould

Useful  Links - Newborn Hearing Screening Programme Information

Referral to the Audiology Clinic:

Making Sounds Check List

Reacting to sounds Check List

Confirmed hearing loss in babies

Confirmed hearing loss in one ear in babies

Confirmed mild hearing loss in babies

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Understanding hearing tests

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Hearing loss in one ear

Hearing aid information:

Additional Information

Clinical Scientists are registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Paediatric Audiologists are on the RCCP voluntary register and have shown they are eligible. They will have a degree qualification to advance their knowledge in this specialist field.

Each member of the team is checked through the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) before they can be employed. All professionals who work with children must be CRB checked as part of Safeguarding Children.

Our Contact details are –
Children’s Hearing Services
Chesterfield Royal Hospital
S44 5BL

Newborn Hearing Screeners: 01246 512734   

Newborn Hearing Screening Text: 07825763578

Children’s Hearing Services: 01246 514577         

Children’s Hearing Services Text: 07920458174