Our Colorectal Consultants and specialised nursing team are dedicated to providing compassionate, individually-tailored patient centred care. The team are supported by a wider multi-disciplinary team that works closely together to provide an accurate and timely diagnosis.

Our colorectal surgery service provides a full range of diagnostic tests, scans, outpatient consultations and treatments for patients with symptoms suggestive of benign and malignant diseases of the lower gastrointestinal tract (small and large bowel) including colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease and anorectal conditions such as haemorrhoids. The treatments offered are based on the best evidence available and in line with national guidelines. Our service investigates patients that have been referred from their GP on the suspected colorectal cancer two week wait pathway.
At each stage, team members work closely with patients to alleviate any physical or emotional stress they may experience. We aim to provide high quality, patient-centred care that is delivered within a supportive environment by a team of experts, who are all specialists within their own field. We pride ourselves on providing patients with suitable and timely information to enable them to make appropriate decisions and informed choices regarding their treatment.

Essential Information for New Patients

Patients are referred to the Service via a number of routes and taking into account their symptoms and co-existing conditions, referrals are directed to the appropriate step to be sure that diagnosis is safe and timely.

You may be invited to attend a clinic appointment or be invited to attend via our straight to test service in the endoscopy department.

Outpatient attendances usually last for 15-20 minutes but you should plan to be at the hospital for longer. Depending on symptoms, many patients are offered further investigations which can be telescope tests in the endoscopy department or scans.

What happens in Clinic?  

You will be seen by one of the specialist colorectal cancer specialist surgeons or one of the team. A full history will be taken. If your diagnosis is a suspected cancer, you will have support from a specialist colorectal nurse. The consultant may need to examine you rectally and take some biopsies, with support from one of the clinic team members.

If you are invited straight to the endoscopy department this will involve undergoing a bowel examination called a sigmoidoscopy or a colonoscopy. The following patient information video gives further information: 

The majority of patients referred via both routes can be reassured or given a non-cancer diagnosis after their first investigation.

If you are a suspected cancer diagnosis you will be referred for further tests which may include CT/MRI scans, and blood tests. Your case will be discussed at the colorectal Multidisciplinary team for a definite diagnosis to be confirmed. Following this you will be offered a face to face clinic consultation to discuss your treatment options which may include surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

General Points

Please bring a full list of any medication you are currently taking to your first appointment.

We realise that this can be a stressful time for patients and their families and we aim to ensure that every patient who receives a new diagnosis of likely cancer will be able to meet with a CNS at the time that diagnosis is given. The CNS will provide details of how you can keep in contact whilst your investigations continue.

Further tests are frequently necessary after the initial diagnosis, and we will ensure that these are completed as quickly as possible. We can keep you informed by telephone or by clinic review. We are happy to follow whichever method you prefer.

The exact sequence of tests varies depending on the type and stage of cancer and we realise that the period whilst these are completed is often stressful. However, in order to be able to offer the best treatment, it is important that the investigations are performed. Patients suspected of having cancer are given the highest priority and their tests are completed as soon as possible. It is unlikely that any cancer will spread significantly during this period and so the chances of successful treatment are not reduced by the time which it takes to be fully staged.

Some treatment (such as radiotherapy) is usually offered in Sheffield; it may be that once your investigations are complete, your next appointment will be at another hospital. If this is the case, we will inform you accordingly. Our aim is to avoid unnecessary delay but we are always happy to see you again in CRH if you prefer to discuss things further before visiting Sheffield.

How do I change my appointment?

If you are being referred for the first time then the central booking team can change your appointment, contact New Outpatient appointments on 01246 512673

If you have had a diagnosis and due to see either the Consultant or specialist nurse then the Specialist nursing team can help you with the change. Please see your appointment letter for the contact details.

How long will my appointment last?

For all new appointments allocated time is 15-20 mins and follow up time is 10 minutes. We do recognise that some patients may need more time and patients can have queries so this can be flexible.

Can I bring someone with me?

Yes, please do.

We appreciate the need for patients to be fully supported and our aim is to enable this whenever possible. Please be aware that our consultation rooms are often small and we cannot accommodate large numbers of family members or friends under normal circumstances.

It is helpful if you can ensure that you are accompanied by the same family member or friend on each attendance.

COVID restrictions place extra challenges and the Trust must follow whatever national guidance is in place at the time you attend. Nevertheless, we have managed to continue to enable one relative or friend to be present during clinical consultations. However, waiting areas are small and your companion may be asked to wait outside the hospital until you are actually seen.

Please note, even under non-pandemic conditions, relatives or friends are not able to be present whilst endoscopy, or CT or MRI scans are performed.

For more information on Coronavirus whilst attending the hospital please click here.

Useful Links

NGS Macmillan Information and Support Centre, Chesterfield Royal Hospital, Calow S44 5BL
Tel 01246 516406

Macmillan Cancer Support - Surgery for Colon cancer
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Meet the team 

Mr H Narula MDT Lead
Mr K Sargen
Mr A Amanarth
Mr R Gupta
Ms R Rosser
Mr M Bagnall
Mr R Ardley

Cancer Nurse Specialists

Katy Timms - Lead 

Kim Smith

Catherine Hague

Emma Tandy

Natasha Brigdale 

Tina Rudkin - Colorectar Cancer/Stoma Assistant Practitioner

Contact Information

Clinic telephone number for new patients 01246 512673
Outpatients telephone number for follow up patients 01246 516090
Colorectal Nursing specialist team

01246 512715

Email crhft.colorectalcns@nhs.net

Colorectal Secretaries Beth Brear 01246 513645 and Sally Ford 01246 513029