Derbyshire Children’s Community Nursing Training Team (DCCNTT)

Who are we?

The Derbyshire Children’s Community Nursing Training Team (DCCNTT) is a well established Health Training team working in collaboration with Derbyshire County Council and currently providing training sessions across Derbyshire to enable children with complex health needs to access school and social settings.   

What Subjects do we offer?

We already run a successful programme of monthly theoretical and practical training packages are offered in the following topics:

  • Epilepsy awareness and emergency medication
  • Enteral feeding (gastrostomy and nasogastric tube feeds)
  • Respiratory care including suction, nebs/inhalers, oxygen 
  • Tracheostomy care including BLS

Following the initial training course the trainee is required to complete a self directed learning workbook and the trainee is then responsible to make arrangements for the nurse trainer to assess their competency in the carer’s setting.

The trainee is not deemed competent to carry out a health task until the theory training and the practical assessment have both been completed.  The trainee will also receive a certificate and signature of the nurse trainer in their competency workbook as evidence of successful completion.

We have developed an update course for Epilepsy and Gastrostomy and it is only available for those who attended the full training course the year before and is not appropriate for anyone new to the subject because it tests reflective learning.

We understand that sometimes there are logistical and timing issues for some settings and that attending our programme isn’t a solution to their needs.  With this in mind we can offer our core subjects as part of a more bespoke package.  We can also support schools with the interpretation and implementation of the statutory guidance‘ Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions’ which came into force in September 2014.   We have expanded the range of topics we cover to include:

  • Medicines Management for schools including safe administration awareness
  • Safe and Accurate Administration of Medicines
  • Asthma Awareness
  • Anaphylaxis Awareness and Treatment

The Medicines Management Awareness training session includes the following:-

  • Interpreting the document in relation to their settings
  • Managing medication on school premises including safe administration awareness
  • Record keeping and training logs

The Safe & Accurate Administration of Medicines is a competency based course aimed at those who need to give medicines in their setting.

  • Identifying correct documentation & record keeping requirements
  • Understanding different types, doses and routes of medication
  • Practice of actual skills required to give medications safely
  • Competency based assessment at the end

The Asthma Awareness training session will include the following

  • What is Asthma?
  • How to manage Asthma in the school setting
  • Caring for a child with an Asthma attack

Anaphylaxis awareness and treatment

  • What is Anaphylaxis
  • How to manage Anaphylaxis in a school setting
  • Caring for a child having a reaction

The booklet below should answer your questions but if not, for up to date information on individual sessions, availability and cost please email the DCCNT Team at:

Derbyshire Children’s Community Nursing Training Team
1st Floor, The Den,
Chesterfield Royal Hospital,
S44 5BL 
Tel : 01246 514 511