Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of clinic appointments are occurring remotely on the telephone, however some face to face appointments are still taking place – please check your appointment letter or text to confirm which it is. Due to clinics being suspended during the first Covid-19 peak, routine clinic appointments have been delayed by 3-4 months. If yours has been longer than this or you need an appointment sooner, please contact the outpatient appointments team on 01246 516090.

All of our advice for patients, including advice about managing diabetes during illness and low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia) can be found below.

In case of urgent or emergency advice, specialist advice can be sought through the hospital switchboard on 01246 277271, ask to be connected to the emergency diabetes specialist team.

For NON-URGENT queries you can still contact the department on 01246 512113, there is an answerphone service, please clearly state your name, number and a brief message. 

It is very helpful if you are able to upload your blood sugar meter to the Diasend site (or for Freestyle Libre users, Libreview) prior to contacting us. Guides on how to do this are found in the advice section below. Please note our clinic ID s for allowing the CRH diabetes team to access your blood sugars:
On Diasend          53-48253.
On Libreview        00929250.

Please note we are NOT able to provide letters or sick notes confirming that you have diabetes.  The Derbyshire guidance for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes can be found here in the advice section on this page under the following headings:
Type 1 diabetes guidance
Type 2 diabetes guidance

If you live in Derbyshire and have type 1 diabetes, or been advised that you may be at risk of ketoacidosis, and you DON’T have a meter which can test blood ketone levels, please contact Spirit Health Care on 0800 8815423 as they can send you the CareSens Dual meter and test strips.

If you have diabetes and find you are pregnant, please contact us through switchboard as mentioned above.  Antenatal care is still being provided but arrangements will vary from usual.  While we are still running a diabetic foot clinic at CRH, foot clinic capacity at the Whitworth Hospital and other community sites is being expanded and we may ask people to transfer to these clinics.

Advice and useful leaflets:

Thumbnail Title Filename Date Posted Size
PDF file icon CRH Alcohol Leaflet.pdf CRH_Alcohol_Leaflet.pdf 03/04/20 359.62 KB
PDF file icon CRH Hypoglycaemia.pdf CRH_Hypoglycaemia.pdf 03/04/20 334.62 KB
PDF file icon CRH Managing Sick Days.pdf CRH_Managing_Sick_Days.pdf 03/04/20 529.74 KB
PDF file icon CRH Using Your Insulin.pdf CRH_Using_Your_Insulin.pdf 03/04/20 285.79 KB
PDF file icon Driving and Diabetes - DVLA.pdf Driving_and_diabetes.pdf 09/04/20 211.74 KB
PDF file icon Guide to Diasend set up.pdf Guide_to_Diasend_set_up.pdf 02/04/20 5,417.77 KB
PDF file icon Guide to LibreView set up.pdf Guide_to_LibreView_set_up.pdf 02/04/20 113.50 KB
PDF file icon Type 1 Diabetes Covid-19.pdf Type_1_Diabetes_Covid-19.pdf 02/04/20 964.64 KB
PDF file icon Type 2 Diabetes Covid-19.pdf Type_2_Diabetes_Covid-19.pdf 02/04/20 193.32 KB

Useful links 
Up to date advice about all aspects of diabetes and Covid-19 from Diabetes UK, the national charity for people with diabetes and their healthcare professionals
A treasure trove of useful information about living with type 1 diabetes including coronavirus-specific information