We have a modern, well equipped ENT department, which offers a full range of services for both adults and children. There are four full time consultants and an audiovestibular physician supported by ENT trained clinic and theatre staff, speech therapists and audiologists. We offer appointments to see patients with all complaints of the neck, throat, nose and ears.

ENT Outpatients Clinic

A full range of ENT services are available for children and adults.  The ENT clinic is fully equipped with state of the art microscopes and endoscopic equipment to view the ears nose or throat at the first outpatient appointment.

There are daily emergency clinics where patients can be seen and treated for urgent problems. Patients are referred to these clinics by their general practitioners or from the accident/emergency department.

We have a specialist head and neck cancer clinic, a neck lump clinic, childrens’ clinic and rhinology (nose) clinic. General clinics also run daily and minor procedures such as ear dewaxing, mastoid cavity care and repositioning techniques to alleviate vertigo are carried out. Patients with a suspected cancer are seen in our clinics within 2 weeks from referral by their general practitioner.

Outpatient waiting time targets for an ENT appointment stand at 4 weeks and we maintain waiting times well below the Out Patient National Targets. Most appointments are booked online (at your GP practice), so patients can choose the date and time they are seen.

ENT Admissions

A lot of ENT conditions can be treated without the need for surgery. A number of conditions however require an operation either to arrive at a diagnosis or to treat a condition.

We carry out a lot of surgical admissions on a day case basis and carefully assess these patients to ensure they are suitable for discharge on the day of their operation. These patients will usually be on Holywell ward for the day. Other patients may require to be admitted overnight or for a few days after surgery depending on the complexity of the situation. These patients will usually be on Devonshire ward or Barnes ward.

Some patients may need to be admitted on an emergency basis e.g. patients with serious nose bleeds, difficulty breathing or acutely inflamed neck lumps.