Welcome to Clinical Skills at Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. This department incorporates Resuscitation Training and Practical Clinical Skills Training.

The departmental team is:
Gemma Cort - Matron Clinical Skills
Telephone: 01246 51 3763
Bleep: 095
Email: gemma.cort@nhs.net

Kate Turner - Sister Clinical Skills 
Telephone: 01246 51 4612
Bleep: 091
Email: kate.turner1@nhs.net

Liz Claridge - Sister
Telephone: 01246 51 2931
Email: e.claridge@nhs.net

Kim Castelluccio - Sister
Telephone: 01246 51 4612
Email: k.castelluccio@nhs.net

Emma Foottit - Practitioner
Telephone: 01246 51 3514
Bleep: 927

Dawn Moore - Practitioner

Telephone: 01246 51 6260

Resuscitation Training

Resuscitation Training Services at Chesterfield Royal Hospital provides resuscitation training, advice and support for Trust staff. For further details and a list of all courses we currently run please contact us on one of the numbers above.
To see the Resuscitation Council (UK) website, click here

Clinical Skills Training

Clinical Skills offers training in practical clinical skills and procedures for all grades of nursing, medical and allied healthcare professionals. Our aim is to achieve high standards of evidence based practice using real medical equipment. Training is delivered using realistic simulation and scenario based sessions.